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Today, I took my 12 year-old to the orthodontist. While I was talking to the dentist about what was needing to be done, my daughter listened. With a straight face, the dentist joked, "Yeah, we're going to need to rip off her entire jaw." My daughter won't leave her room anymore. FML
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buttcramp 21

Me either! Going to the dentist is already uncomfortable enough without these kinds of jokes!

I think we need to drill into the situation.

I was at the orthodontist and the doctor told an assistant that I had a G. I asked what it meant and he said with a straight face that it meant a growth. It actually mean good, as in good hygiene.

She'll realise that it was joke hopefully.

AnOriginalName 19

Eventually.... After many years of cavities and lots and lots of therapy.

The reason I hated dentists when I was a kid is these sick jokes they make!! It's like they enjoy seeing the patient frightened!

Those kinds of 'jokes' can destroy a child's trust in medical professionals. What a jackass, to say something like that.

XxXBadAshXxX 27

She won't leave her room? Is the dentist like the demon in those chain letters in that he's going to be by her bed at 3:00 am to take her jaw off?

It's because she didn't send the story to 10 people before midnight.

asnakelovinbabe 16

^ this^ is one of the best comments I have ever read in my years reading FML

Rainhawk94 27

Your profile picture fits perfectly with your comment

That comment has been said to me about 50 times. It never gets old.

She'll calm down eventually, but really, what was he thinking?

"Maybe this kid has an adult/morbid sense of humor!" *screaming* "...****."

#6 most people hate the dentist, dentists know this and sometimes they try way too hard to be funny. Every time I go I'm clinched tight enough to pass diamonds and I haven't even had a bad experience with a dentist. Except military dental, but they're butchers and don't count as dentists in my mind.


My dentist is awesome. You guys just have terrible dentists.

I have an irrational fear of the dentist, if they said that I would probably do the same. To me even a check up is terrifying.

CurlyQute 17

Officially scarred for life

And that is the beginning of an irrational fear.

Given the circumstance, I'd say a rational fear.

blueboy154 12