By KathleenSchuler / Tuesday 5 March 2013 03:38 / United States
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By  HarrisonVR  |  17

honestly man when I got in trouble for taking time off school for my dads funeral I went berserk. fuck them they clearly have no idea what they're talking about.

  AngelSpit  |  18

I was in highschool when my grandmother got cancer I had been living with her for the past god knows how many years I wasn't sleeping from being back ans forth to the hospital I fell asleep in English class ans got yelled at she. I explained my grandmother who raised and cares for me was dying she said "I don't care, sit up." I hit her...

By  Serisent  |  26

Even if you were only on a vacation, you certainly have the right to take a break now and then. I would have spoken up, personally, and given them a piece of my mind.

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