By wife - United States - Oceanside
Today, my husband again lost his keys. It's a daily struggle to find them. This time they were in an ice cube, literally. He said he must have accidentally put them in there when making ice. He's going to be the father of my future children. FML
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  denottert  |  3

But seriously, the man lost his keys, while making ice. only the fact that they would go looking there gives you an insight of the places he lost them

By  Araj_Hs  |  19

I guess, you are going to have to handle a big kid first, haha. But hey, all these things are not much of a big deal, if he loves you. All this is cute actually. It's something which you would laugh about when you are old. Live life happily!

By  MDoremis  |  38

I can sympathize with your husband. There can be a single piece of paper over my phone and it's just disappeared to me. I even had to buy a neon colored phone case to make it more noticeable.

  Woller19  |  8

When I lose my phone it's usually because a friend's phone died and they needed to make a call on mine. Give it about 5 seconds I will be doing something and forget they have my phone and start looking around for it