By Anonymous - Australia
Today, whilst I was in a corner deli getting snacks, my girlfriend thought it would be funny to drive the car 50m down the street so that I would be confused when I come out... She was picked up by a cop driving without her license and now my car is impounded for 28 days. FML
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  crayfish  |  0

he was making a point saying that if you read it the way the op wrote it, then it meant that the cop was driving without a license. Obviously he meant that it was his girlfriend, but he was pointing out the error.

  kukopia  |  0

Dumbest reply ever.

It's ovbious that she's dumb, so dumb she drove a car w/o a lics right in front of a cop. Ie., dumb enough for him to coerce her into doing 'things'. Duhhhh

Now he's got 28 days worth of new 'reasons' for her to do 'things' for him.

By  lem0n_fml  |  0

I don't see how that's immature. I mean. Yeah, maybe since she didn't have her license, and yeah, she must've done something else the OP didn't mention in order for a cop to be in the equation at all, but since when does trying to confuse someone make you immature?