By Anonymous - / Tuesday 29 September 2009 17:29 / Australia
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he was making a point saying that if you read it the way the op wrote it, then it meant that the cop was driving without a license. Obviously he meant that it was his girlfriend, but he was pointing out the error.


Hey Spartacus.......uhm not to be a dick.....but comprehend has no e after the d............ lrn2spell! lol


Dumbest reply ever. It's ovbious that she's dumb, so dumb she drove a car w/o a lics right in front of a cop. Ie., dumb enough for him to coerce her into doing 'things'. Duhhhh Now he's got 28 days worth of new 'reasons' for her to do 'things' for him.


Well if the OP dumps her, you should definitely grab her since dumb girls are obviously your style. Im sure you two would make brilliant babies.

I don't see how that's immature. I mean. Yeah, maybe since she didn't have her license, and yeah, she must've done something else the OP didn't mention in order for a cop to be in the equation at all, but since when does trying to confuse someone make you immature?

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