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  HanBroman  |  20

How does it? they're sleeping together, not dating. The only thing he'd be there for apart from her looks is how good she is in bed, or the fact that he can't do any better

  threer  |  30

Or maybe he likes her personality or cares less about looks than you? Looks aren't everything.

By  l33tm0nk3y  |  0

This strikes me as the guy actually not thinking your sister is prettier at all, but trying not to disagree with you. It could very well be that he thinks you're the more attractive one by far, but he just doesn't want to disagree.

And frankly, it really doesn't matter if he thinks your sister is prettier. I will admit plainly that there are plenty of girls who are more attractive than my ex (whom I still have feelings for), and would have admitted this even when we were dating. But honestly, that doesn't make a difference - I would take her over any of them any day. If he's interested in you for more than mere looks, it doesn't matter. If he is only interested in you for your looks, you're better off without him - even if he does think you're the prettiest.