By ulrika - United States - Jacksonville
Today, my parents let me babysit my baby sister for the first time. About an hour after they left, I was carrying her downstairs and tripped. Try calling your parents from the hospital and explaining that their daughter, who can't even crawl yet, has a broken leg. FML
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  fpants2010  |  18

Yes, hospitals assume the worst! When my son (4 at the time) split his head on the coffee table, they asked what happened. When I started to answer, they said "we were asking HIM" and were giving me scrutinizing looks the entire time. Seriously?? I was more upset about the injury than my son was!

  interesting33  |  36

#16 That was rude of them but I think it is good that they are careful about it. I am sure it was nothing personal and not that the didn't believe you but many abusers don't look like abusers. I'm glad they asked the child first before the parent.

  Bearsmomma  |  30

my son broke his leg at 2 years old, 3 days after being bit in the face by a dog. we took him to the hospital for both. the 2nd time we were interviewed by a social worker. he broke his arm about 9 months later...that's the day he learned he wasn't batman. lol


You may be surprised to hear that the situation isn't actually all about you. Kids that are involved in their care and treated like they have a voice usually do much better when it comes to actually allowing the staff to treat them.

I know you feel awful and just want to make it all better, but how is your kid supposed to trust the staff if you talk over them and don't allow them to build a rapport? How do you like it when someone asks you a question and someone keeps butting in and answering for you?

  BananEnigma  |  24

#66, Do people who work at hospitals not have children or experience with them...? You turn your head for a split second and they're rolling themselves down the stairs, lol.... Children are extremely accident-prone and clumsy and sometimes there's nothing you can do, despite being overprotective or etc.

  tina72us  |  9

They have to be. There is a mandate that abuse has to be reported so if there is any chance, even the slightest, they must make sure the child isn't being harmed. And they ask the child because of course an abuser is going to lie (duh). Besides OP isn't saying anything about the hospitals' questions, they are afraid of the wrath of mom and dad.

By  Thegreenfairy622  |  5

Luckily it was a broken leg and not much worse for she or you for that matter. The amount of things that could have happened worse then that is astronomical.. I am so happy it was a broken leg and a baby will heal quicker then an older person would. Your parents love you and thouhh they may be a little hesitant at first they will. Five you their trust back. Don't be too worried op. Just breath and remember to show. Her how much you love her.. I accidentally broke my sister's elbow playing on a trampoline. I felt horrid. But little kids bounce back quite easily!

By  Wishe  |  17

Accidents happen, and it was lucky she only ended up with a broken leg after a fall down the stairs. Assuming your parents are reasonable people, you'll be allowed to babysit again because it isn't as if you threw a party and someone rolled her down the steps or something.

By  heirofhope  |  38

Things happen OP. I understand that that's not totally an excuse, but it's not like you weren't tending to her and then she got hurt. You had her in your arms, the trip was out of your control. I hope your parents were understanding about it. Though she's their baby, you're their daughter too, so they shouldn't be up in arms. Hopefully you can all laugh about it when she's older! Glad she'll be okay.