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Today, I told my parents I wanted to try modelling. I decided that since I have such a low self-esteem, that it might benefit me, and make me feel better about myself and how I look. The first thing out of my dad's mouth was, "What? Why? You're ugly." Thanks dad. FML
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if you have a low self-esteem, modeling is just about the worst thing to do. the industry is brutal and harsh. just like your father, apparently. but hey, he saved you some time.

Wow... I wouldn't know what to say to him. I probably would have kicked him in the balls and blamed him for my being ugly. Well, if you're really ugly at least you know not to try... And if you're not, just go for it. You might have something to throw back in your dad's face.


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That's a shame, ugly. At least you've got an honest father.

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Most high fashion models are ugly anyways. I say go for it.

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YDI for being ugly, but then again, alot of modeling girls are ugly.

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um not a lot of models are ugly I was asked to be one and trust me i'm not ugly. and OP it's only best to model if you look good and don't have low self esteem. why would you even consider it? when you see people that look better than you going down the runway, you'll feel under them and then when the time comes for you to walk you'll walk to fast, stomp across the runway, or trip.

I'm wondering if your dad has an awesomely ironic sense of humor, and you're an overly sensitive whiner.



I agree with Taryn. The majority of models are not attractive when they are all done up and they look worse in real life. If you can't handle an insult from your dad, what makes you think you can handle several insults a day by agents, managers, photographers, etc.? It's a rough industry, men don't get paid as much as women, and it will tear you down. If you don't already have confidence, it's not the career for you.

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if your daddy say you ugly YOU UGLY?

is your father a whale biologist by any chance?

jeez! that's rude. mine are the opposite, they've been trying to get me into it for a while now.

modeling would be the last place to find self estime!

I'm pretty sure that just because you have a low self esteem doesn't mean you can't model. and the whole "walk down the runway and fall" thing, is probably from your personal experience so don't try to act like ur perfect and can say whether someone can be a model or not. so have a nice day.(:

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The suit was ugly! Whale biologist...

moron. modelling only helps your self esteem if ur pretty. your dad isnt mean, just logical. you're ******* retarded.

I kind of agree with Tarynkd. A lot of the models are not as pretty without makeup. I have a friend from high school that's a model, and he's gorgeous, but the female models he hangs out with look so average. Just interesting. Op, here's my big problem with your FML. If you really had low self-esteem, why would you even consider modeling? That makes absolutely no sense. If you have a bad self-image, why would you even imagine you would make it as a model? Whereas the female models my friend hangs out with seem rather plain in their normal pictures, the guys he hangs out with are gorgeous. I don't think they take just any guy that wants to do it....

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why don't you try spelling "modeling" right first?

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how do I seem stuck up I was telling the truth? have a reason instead of just being jealous ok. :) have a nice day

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that wasn't the point dumbass it was that you have managers,agents, designers, and photographers always pointing out your flaws and telling you how you need to be better... trust me I know

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how sad he made you.. he's ugly too(:

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Lol should of said," Like father ,like son" haha

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be glad ur dads honest are you could of embarred him I mean u

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he knows ur mom is ugly. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree

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lol honest is best when said by ur parents!!!! bet that lowered ur self esteem alot!!!!!

tip: modelling is not the best way to boost your self esteem.

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116- so y didn't u? I mean look at u..... ud be great btw how old? pic makes u look 14-15. I myself am 17

Just remind your father that you being ugly is half his fault.

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There are SOME ugly models, but none with low self-esteem. Just give up, dude.

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52 How do they deserve it for being ugly? It's not their fault! And by the way have you seen YOUR face? Ya not that handsome

First lol and that cuz you're really ugly.

Well you got ur looks from him so call him ugly.

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ydi for not makin him a sandwhich

he wants to model to build up self esteem, so op, YDI for being girly

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Tweetbaby14 - As someone whose best friend was a model and works in the fashion industry, I can honestly tell you that female runway models are chosen because of their androgynous appearance. Not saying you can't be attractive persay, but in order to embody both masculine and feminine qualities, you are usually a bit disproportioned.

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Somehow my comment was posted below. = It was meant for the first series of posts.

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Wow... I wouldn't know what to say to him. I probably would have kicked him in the balls and blamed him for my being ugly. Well, if you're really ugly at least you know not to try... And if you're not, just go for it. You might have something to throw back in your dad's face.

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it's really mean to kick a guy there u should never do it unless ur getting like kidnapped lol

What if he's trying to steal your Smoothie King card?

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Modeling is not goin to help ur self esteem.. The modeling business is the most critical business to go into because u have to look perfect or they will tell u about it

Erm, you shoot him in the face. No one touches that card and lives.. Except me.

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He just saved you some embarrassment? If not, switch to Geico. You'll save something.

Do you really have music notes tattooed on your chest? is that like a bullseye for your husband?

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a7x451: Yes, much like the one you tattooed on your ass for me.

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they like avenged sevenfold.. their opinion is automatically invalid.

dudeitsdanny 9

That explains the need to try to overcompensate for his own (****)sexuality. It's okay, man. We can get you help. You can accept this!

I was just mad cuz it's exactly like the one on my ass for you!!! ****** copycat. lol oh and by the way fatass avenged is the shit.

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fatass? I'm 5'4" and weigh 115. at least I have a picture.

dudeitsdanny 9

No need to be so grouchy. Get some special brownies and chill =) No, i'm not a stoner. Lol.

I know it sucks. I'm a poor black kid who can't afford a camera is that what you're saying?

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Don't feel bad dude, just steal one.

dudeitsdanny 9

^^^^ Yay for racial stereotypes! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be by the freeway selling oranges

oh yeah black people do that huh? lol I should just steal one that way I'm super black.

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Nothing wrong with Avenged. Their drummer was amazing.

Yeah too bad he had to go and die lol. Oh and blaaaakley or whatever you were going for in responce to your picture I really wish you didn't have one.

awh lol I'm playing I'm just mad cuz you're super hot and I would tapp that ass for sure.

dudeitsdanny 9

it's okay, I forgive you ;D Just kidding, I know who you meant, lol.

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Then don't look at it, you illiterate douchebag. It's as easy as that.

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Sounds like another racial stereotype.

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#51, I was just about to say.

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Oops, I posted that before I saw your apology (well, assuming you meant me and not Danny). My bad.

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Judging by your profile, I wish more chicks like you lived in Ohio. Now really want to move to TX, and not just for the weather.

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omg! i loooove your tatoo @dudeitsdanny! i've been meaning to get one like that too or maybe just the trebble cleft or something. but anywho, yea most models arent that attractive...the femalea at least. the male ones are eye candy :)

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The weather in Texas should be deterrent if anything! It's miserably unpredictable.

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I'm sorry, but the "bullseye for your husband" comment is so funny nothing you say can counter it. and avenged is awesome

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That's probably true, 78. How embarrassing :/

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This is no longer a reply to the original FML...'s a friggin' conversation! Le private messages are here for a reason, folks. ;)

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that wuz wrong thing to say. everybody is giving you hell so stupied ugMO

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if you look like blaaaaaakely your ugly foreal ha

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loooooool cyber fighting is entertaining haha

if you have a low self-esteem, modeling is just about the worst thing to do. the industry is brutal and harsh. just like your father, apparently. but hey, he saved you some time.

Not all modeling is professional. If you pose for pictures, you are modeling. The big modeling business you are completely right, but doing simple modeling can really boost up your confidence.

*Gasp* No wonder you feel that way about yourself. FYL

aw. sorry op... but your dad was probably just being an ass... look at all the high fashion models, I wouldn't call them pretty but rather "interesting"looking.

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I don't know whether to feel bad or laugh. Do you look like your mom, becuase then you can say your just as ugly the the woman hes married to. Or, if you look like him, well thats self-explanetory.