By buttuglyforeveralone :( - / Friday 5 July 2013 21:37 / United Kingdom - Treharris
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  xlord  |  27

All I ever care about is personality. Give me some big rippling jiggly personalities any day and I would be happy for hours. Or maybe just 17 seconds.....

  kee_breezy32  |  34

#55 & #60
from my opinion, you CAN'T be with someone unless your somewhat physically attracted to them. you get what I'm saying, no matter how nice they are or how smart, someone good looking is always the main thing you look for in a person besides personality.

  xlord  |  27

I'm not sure if you both understood my comment. Replace the word personality with BOOBS and especially the 2nd sentence would make more sense (it was a euphemism).

  monnanon  |  13

you do understand that all those you mentioned will be physically male or female. asexuality and bisexuality doesnt changr your physical gender pansexuality is bogus

  TheDrifter  |  23

That was standard anti bullying logic when I was in school. If you pick on someone of the opposite gender and everyone teases you for having a crush on them you won't bully them long. It worked pretty well.

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