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He's looking out for your future. What a great guy.

Your step-dad is a dick.


He's looking out for your future. What a great guy.

Lol, 28 and still single? I advise you to listen to your stepdad.

He isn't that bad of a person. He was being honest, a rare trait these days.

I don't understand why he would imply that OPs mom is ugly when he's the one married to her; unless her dad is gay.

The manly traits a gay man would presumably look for don't fit the standard definition of beauty on a woman?

Lol I meant like if her step dad was married to her dad than it would make more sense for him to insult ops moms genes than if he were married to her.

I agree with 48! He wins the world!

It's going to hurt even more once the downvotes get to you :P

don't get the surgery. I'm sure someone will except you for how you look OP (: he's just tryna make you feel bad about yourself!

#3. *accept Maybe so, but if you have some kind of facial deformity, fixing it up will improve your chances of meeting someone.

#26 sorry, lol had an error. yeah true, but it's not always about looks either, OP could have a good personality that could attract someone (:

All I ever care about is personality. Give me some big rippling jiggly personalities any day and I would be happy for hours. Or maybe just 17 seconds.....

#55, ALL you care about is personality?!?! Really?!?! If so, you are better than me and almost all males.

#55 & #60 from my opinion, you CAN'T be with someone unless your somewhat physically attracted to them. you get what I'm saying, no matter how nice they are or how smart, someone good looking is always the main thing you look for in a person besides personality.

I'm not sure if you both understood my comment. Replace the word personality with BOOBS and especially the 2nd sentence would make more sense (it was a euphemism).

The great part is, different people find different things attractive! Just because your dad may not see good looks, doesn't mean other people don't!

Just for the record, you do NOT need physical attraction at all. I think it is called pansexuality. They focus on the personality 1st, not looks.

Pansexuality is being attracted to people of all genders (including bigender, agender, MtF, FtM...)

you do understand that all those you mentioned will be physically male or female. asexuality and bisexuality doesnt changr your physical gender pansexuality is bogus

#83, really, then I need to go apologize to my pan!

the way I see it, there will be someone in the world who accepts you for who you are (;

Umm, yea bullshit bro. Looks matter to everyone, unless they're at the same level of ugly and so they settle for it.

accept* huge difference...look it up

The truth will set you free

And in some cases the truth can piss people off, enough to push you down a set of stairs.

Your step-dad is a dick.

TorturedXeno 27

OP's stepdad sounds like a caring guy. *sarcasm*

I have trouble holding glasses of water... *spasms*

Bastard! Sounds like an absolute bastard. Ignore his nasty comments. At 28 you know your fabulous anyway. :)

I find your choice of epithet disturbing.

you're* Sorry I just had to.

@21 "Sorry—I just had to." Sorry; I just had to. (Seriously, though, he's using the correct word in the first place. ;P)

33: She'd have to use a comma rather than a semicolon anyways.

did your dad call your mum ugly? sounded like it

Or maybe he was insulting her biological father, since he's her stepfather. I'm sorry your stepdad made such an asshole comment, OP.

"I know your mum gave you shitty genes"

They taught me in kindergarten, if they pick on you that means they like you. He married your mom for some reason.

they taught you in a SCHOOL that basically bullies all like their victims?

That was standard anti bullying logic when I was in school. If you pick on someone of the opposite gender and everyone teases you for having a crush on them you won't bully them long. It worked pretty well.

Damn...step-dad is tough. Don't think about it too much