By takeiteasy - 07/01/2009 03:58 - France

Today, my wife and I went to a wedding. At one in the morning, when the cheese was being served, we were starting to fall asleep at the table, so we went to our car to take a short nap. When we woke up it was 5am, and the party was over. FML
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seirously who has a wedding that late so i dont think it was your fault i would have did the same thing

#8 - The proper way to spell grammar is grammar.


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seirously who has a wedding that late so i dont think it was your fault i would have did the same thing

I think it might have been in a different time zone than OP is used to.

Who has weddings at 1 in the morning. And anyway couldnt of you just said. Hey ____ were getting tired, and have to go home. Or something

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you don't even know how to spell and you're talking about grammar?

plus, OP is from France... where English isn't exactly their first language.

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You dumb ****, he DID put "my wife and I". Learn to ******* read!

The proper way to spell is "grammar"

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*grammar, and after "My wife and I" you needed a comma. Plus, OP did put "my wife and I", you ******* hillbilly.

He did put that. Learn how to read and spell before you attempt to insult someone. Otherwise, you just make a fool out of yourself. Like you've already done. Props to you.

you've reached a new level of racist stupidity.

Late weddings are not all that strange but WTF?!! who serves cheese???

#11 -These are European cheese, not the thin slice of kraft cheese or the cheese whizz that you are accustomed to. If you have not been to party that serves cheese and crackers or hors d'oeuvres and wine then you are either still under 18 or don't have classy friends. To the OP sorry you missed out on the wedding party but, hopefully you will make use of the alarm that you have on the cellphones next time if similar opportunity presents itself. That is what I do in between my classes at the university, I just go to the parking deck and go to sleep in my car for half an hour to an hour nap. I have however, had a time that i didn't wake up to the alarm. :(

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You've no room to talk about grammar, or anything related to is, as you seem to not realize you have a period key on your computer.

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your cursing at age 12? WTF? what's wrong with this world?

Ugh, 12 year olds like you is what makes people think ALL are like that...

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Ok #13, first yeah what 14 said your 14 and cursing? Second, YOUR NOT OLD ENOUGH TO BE ON THIS SITE!, well only a year off but still. Not to mention you were talking about how he couldnt spell and you can, check your and, i dont think its spelled without a n.

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Ok my bad #13 said he was 12 not 14, i do that alot.

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#13, Clearly you can't spell. You seem to forget the fact that periods and commas exist for a reason. Use them. I could spell better than you when I was 9 for crying out loud. I'm 13 now. Btw, I'm not trying to criticize you, just making a point.. You really shouldn't cuss. Its people like you that give preteens the titles we have. Adults think all of us are like that, but that's a lie. A. Cold. Dead. Lie.

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aren't you bad... I'm sue everyone on here as pulled multiple all nighters, it's not that op couldn't stay up, it's just not that fun and messes up the next day, lightweight. your bragging about staying up til 5 and hidding it from your parents. I bet you were alone when you did it too. smh....

What's so bad about doing it alone? Also, I stayed up for 24 full hours of the day.

because it's more fun with someone else. I kinda feel like that was pretty obvious. well it was to me anyway.

pool watch out we've got a badass over here