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Today, I told my parents I no longer believe in the religion they strictly raised me under. They responded by kicking me out of the house. I'm broke, jobless and the only person that will take me in is my psycho ex-girlfriend who never got over me. FML
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I'm all for standing up for one's beliefs, but if you knew your parents were that strict on their own, you should have at least waited until you were financially stable to say anything.

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I'm sorry op. stand up in what you believe no matter what. word of advice sleep with one eye open. lol good luck.


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I'm sorry op. stand up in what you believe no matter what. word of advice sleep with one eye open. lol good luck.

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Mercy! So happy to see you back!(:

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now we just need snickerdoodles

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SP had to do with the towel comment. And SnickerNazi is grounded from FML according to her profile! Oh damn!

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That actually is true. they're crazy because they're not afraid to show emotion and feeling, they don't hide a thing. In bed, that's a good thing is it not? But keep this in mind, girls are never 'crazy' until their guys start treating them like shit and they feel their losing someone, and they know and do everything in their power not to lose them. Also: key fact, guys who call girls 'crazy' when they aren't legitimately crazy (stalking you [Facebook not included], tapping your phone, death threats, ect) usually have commitment issues and don't want to blame the failing relationship on themselves, herence they call the girl 'crazy' so it's not their fault.

216 - Took the words right out of my mouth. Well said!

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i put up with my crazy gf because im a twisted freak...

@216 girls are never crazy? theres crazy girls just like theres crazy guys, and hey girls get all crazy once every month ohOOOH!! PERIOD JOKE HIGH FIVE CHO-TISCH!

I'm glad that you stood up for what you believed in, but can't you find a freind, aunt,uncle, grandparent, or sibling to stay with. Maybe not, but most people have someone close other then there parents to let them stay a bit. Also, if your a teenager call up Social Services. It's Illegal to leave an underaged kid homeless in Canada, and probably most other countries.

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belive in what ever religion you want op no matter what anyone says

I'm all for standing up for one's beliefs, but if you knew your parents were that strict on their own, you should have at least waited until you were financially stable to say anything.

Even so, his parents shouldn't have stooped so low as to kick the OP out of the house based on his religious views. That's a horrid thing to do.

My parents are very conservative protestants, but I stopped believing a couple of years ago. It was a very heavy and difficult battle, but I won. A bit. I don't go to church anymore, joehoe. But I am not allowed to discuss religion, they will always become extremely mad and pissed at me if I try to discuss, so I'm trying to shut my mouth. They won't throw me out of the house, they love me. I'm sorry for you. Maybe it was for the best if you didn't say anything, but I know the feeling, and it's not pleasant. Besides, something that's more important; you have the right to believe in whatever you want, even if that's nothing. So sorry they don't respect you. I really am.

124--the PARENTS' side?! the parents threw op out of his own house based on something he can't control (and I don't care what the evangelicals say, you can't believe if you don't believe). I kind of agree that maybe he should at least have found a job before telling his parents, since he probably knew they were that insane, but any parents who love their kids should be willing to agree to disagree, even on things like politics and religion.


I agree u could always pretend that u believed the same intill u had a place to live and money to live u kinda kicked ur own ass

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^it's not his house... it's theirs. and they don't owe him anything anymore. I'm just saying that if this dude can only go back to a psycho ex girlfriend, he's probably a dick to his friends that doesnt know how to discuss differences without being demeaning. major ups to his parents for teaching him some respect.

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First of all, it wasn't his house it is his parents' house. Next, if he is using his lack of belief to justify not living to his parents' standards and morals, then he probably should be looking for a new home.

Exactly you tard. Foresight, learn to use it.

Mir: Sadly, that isn't always possible, particularly if OP is female. I've known some families who wouldn't allow their older girls to go to college, learn to drive, or work at any job that didn't involve domestic life (they were allowed to be hotel maids, for example, but not allowed to work at the front desk), all for "religious" reasons. They believed a woman's place was in the home, and thought her future husband should decide if she should drive. The only way one girl got out was to be disowned after "rebelling", and she was totally unprepared to live on her own when she did so. I doubt OP's case was quite as extreme, but I'm just saying, it could and does have to happen that way sometimes.

Hm #197, as a full adult 5-6 years out of college, in my experience, religious wackos' 'sides' rarely have anything to do with reality. And let me guess - it was Christianity, the religion of 'God loves everyone! So he plans to burn them forever in hell!'?

My god. Reminds me of Step From Heaven. Atheism FTW :D

Or maybe his friends just can't afford for him to live with them right now (although it might be different if he had a job). Maybe all his friends live with his parents. I think people are making some pretty big assumptions here...

How do you know he did anything wrong? The way you talk, you'd think he was smoking/drinking/sleeping with strange girls in their house or something... You also make it sound as if because you live under your parents' roof, you have to have the exact same morals they have. I bet you don't (or didn't) have the exact same morals as your parents. It's nearly impossible for you to have the exact same morals as anyone. People are too different for things like that to happen. It maybe within their rights to kick him out of their house for that, but that doesn't mean it's not a stupid reason.

That's like saying they should move out before telling them when they should just accept it lick good parents.

No parents nagging and sex whenever you want it... and you say this is an FML...?

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psycho ex girlfriend I don't think he wants to have sex with her

um. no financial stability and a psycho ex to live with... idk what you are thinking

Guys, look on the bright side. You're so negative. Remember, they say any publicity is good publicity. You can exchange publicity for sex.

You kidding? I'd choose having a house to live in and food to eat over living in the streets and having sex with my psycho ex any day.

I agree with 5. so what if the ex is psycho, at least she'll do nasty things for you ;)

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yeah like cut him up and drink his blood...cause she thought it was kinky move... FYL op but dont worry it will get better..and if u do go to ur ex, one eye open..remember.

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24, psycho ex girlfriend could just mean OP thought she was obsessed with him. If I had an obsessive girlfriend I'd call her psycho too, even though she wasn't. Besides a lot of people are into the clingy-ness; OP might not be.

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I was going to do that tommorrow now I'm afraid too. Thanks, OP FML and FYL

that's really awesome that she is there for you! be thankful

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