By giantsfan2010 - 23/09/2010 04:31 - United States

Today, after working and saving up money for an entire year, I bought a 2001 VW Cabrio. I showed it to my friends, they all laughed at me and told me it was a girl's car. FML
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Who cares what they think, darling? What matters is that it's your car and you worked hard to earn it.

Tweety122888 0

I bet they don't have cars....


Who cares what they think, darling? What matters is that it's your car and you worked hard to earn it.

I beg your pardon!?

14 I'm sure he's talkking about the car not you. pussy wagon is because it's a girl VW

Darling, I can't even FIT in most cars, much less own one. I'm not even allowed to drive. I have crashed every single car I have attempted to drive.

Darling, if you ever rode in a vehicle with me driving, you won't leave without injury. Trudly and Folly have been lucky enough already to have not died.

I don't use that little...what is it, an encyclopedia? That's what those little annoying brats use. I'm a villain-type. None of that silly little pokedex stuff for me. I already know all I need to know. Wait, where's this conversation going again??

Good enough for me, darling. I'm going to bed...if I can sleep over Trudly's horrific snoring! I swear the volume is unnatural!!

It's Grease Lightning!

Watch Kill Bill. See Pussy Wagon.

"pussy wagon?" *slams head in door* :L epic

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WTF are both of u talking about!??

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I think they have inside FML jokes because they are soo cool

Anthrophobia 2

I agree, #1. Most of the friends that are teasing him probably don't even own a car of their own.


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Why does Mirorbo call everyone 'darling'? I don't get it. It kind of annoys me, to be quite frank. It seems like at the start of her sentence, she puts everyone lower than her. Kind of like calling someone 'buddy'.

Mirorbo is a guy lol...

he is a fart knocker that's all there is to it

Tweety122888 0

I bet they don't have cars....

Agreed. I'd remind them every day of that if that's the case. I'd rub in my multiple big gulps, live off take out, and say "well, I think I'm busy" every time they ask for a ride.

Use your car to run over them! Lol just joking. :)

is that possible with a vw

modify it. lower it till it scrapes, negative camber with stretched tires, low offset, straight pipes and a turbo. then show them your "girl car". I myself own a 1997 Nissan 240sx so I don't have this same problem

you do have that problem, they just laugh behind your back.... ricer

FYLDeep 25

I'm not sure if he would rather look like a douche-bag who's trying to compensate for owning a girl's car either though.

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I've seen a lowered Cabrio. With chrome wheels and 20s. It looked so ridiculous.

yeah. if you want to look like a total douche, then do this to your car. hahaha

RedPillSucks 31

Put some spinning rims on your car

yea you can do all that but it's still convertable

snowboarder1417 2

Maybe if he had a Golf Mk2 that would be ok, but there is nothing you could do to a Cabrio to make it a guys car.

lol you sir are a jackass you don't do that to a cabiro a gti, golf or jetta thts a completly different story but i think I'll stick with my 88 camero

thnk u 10 that's even worseeee when guys put like rims and stuff on a crappy car and think they r like the shittt it's suchhaaa turnoff

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240 drift sluuuuuuut

Tell them your car runs off nothing but protein shakes, falcon eggs, and rocks!

But then it'd still be a woman's car. ;)

I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME STOMP! I do hope we are referencing the same thing.

it is a girl's car but atleast it gets you around!

four wheels , doors... and an engine.

FrEsHpRiNcE916 0

well then all you need is a I drive like a Cullen sticker to top it off!!

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Girly car is better than, "hollering from the passenger side of your best friend's ride" haha

xxniteskie 1

or trying to holler at me.

I don't want no scrub!

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My comment vanished! Glad some people caught it! hah :)

FYLDeep 25

You just need to make it more manly. Try to turn some heads with it. Get something really offensive painted on the side of it, you know, like a rainbow.

A double rainbow might land you a night in jail. Multiple offenses, you know.


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best comment lmao!

Kudos for 13 for incorperating another FML. :)

haha Volkswagen?!? what a joke kid... horrible first car

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agreed. you need to start saving again so you can pay for repairs when it breaks. VW's aren't cheap to fix

Not "metal" enough for you? haha

I have a white 1980 rabbit and its not expensive to fix. Everyone seems to think it's outrageously expensive to fix a vw but in reality it's not bad at all. Some people chose to have their parts shipped in from Germany which is expensive and unnecessary.