It's not a cult, I swear

By Anonymous - 28/04/2013 20:19 - United States - San Diego

Today, my parents threatened to kick me out of the house if I didn't agree to convert to their new brand of Christianity. This is a day after they ranted at me about how I should speak my mind more and not let myself be controlled by other people. FML
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That's sad when a personal belief causes relatives to disown you. :(

It's amazing how people just blindly believe every stupid thing they hear without doing their own research. If I had a dollar for every negative thing I hear about Islam, I'd be richer than the Saudi royal family...


Hypocrites everywhere run for your life!

"If you want to get out alive Whoa-oh, run for your life"

even the right album I'm quite impressed speaking that song never really made it onto the radio.

I would call them on it! Just say 'hey weren't you the one who told me that I should not be controlled by other people?'

And if calling them on it doesn't work just use the bible against them. There are so many things in there that no one in modern society fulfills.

Yea but you know how parents act, they would then find another way to skip around your own accusation. Its sad :(( lol.

yes no one fufills it this is true. but what god wants is for you to realize you have sinned and ask for forgiveness and will forgive you no matter what.

Hippocrates* Well, you edited your comment. Now I look like a fool. :p

Do good in school and move out as soon as you can.

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Religion as fickle as people and people as fickle as religion... its a vicious cycle.

Wow. No one should force you on what to believe. Your religious beliefs are yours to decide, not somebody else's. My parents did exactly the same too, so I feel your pain. FYL

That's sad when a personal belief causes relatives to disown you. :(

Really? Cuz God forced me to have determinism... Popcorns in the microwave, ladies and gents...

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No, but I do Lent my prayers to the masses of people suffering from a Host of medical illnesses.

wow they sound like parents who love letting people have their agency