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By  species4872  |  19

Works two ways, make his miserable.

By  tharnden  |  1

That's what they do. If they fired you they would have to pay a severance package and you would be entitled to unemployment but if you quit, they don't have to offer you anything. Sounds like it is time to polish up the resume.

By  mooman36  |  15

There is something called "constructive dismissal" in the UK, it's basically where an employer gets you to quit by changing your job/ treat you like crap. There are certain restrictions, ie you need to be employed by them for 2 years, but if you meet the criteria then you need to keep notes/get pictures/ get things in writing then you can quit and sue.

By  PennyLane27  |  32

Do not quit!! If you quit, you lose unemployment. And don't give them reason to fire you. They're trying to make you quit instead of firing you because it increases what they pay the state for unemployment insurance or something like that.
Be the best employee you can, to spite your boss ;)

By  gobiteme2  |  34

Smile and say yes sir/madam I will get right on it. Place on the bottom side of in basket and go back to whatever you were doing to amuse one's self. Let the boss explain why nothing was done.