By Tally - 24/09/2009 16:16 - Canada

Today, I got flowers at work. I was excited, until I saw they were from a friend saying, "Sorry for sleeping with your boyfriend!" FML
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Bring flowers to her funeral saying, "Sorry for killing you!" =)

What a bitch.


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That really sucks!!

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Find your friend, light the flowers on fire, then throw it at her. If you would like to add some extra pizazz to the badass brownie batter, shout "Hadouken!" while you throw it :D hope I helped.

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#78, marry me

wouldn't blame you if you hated the pair of them. FYL for having a shit friend and a shit boyfriend. and for having a friend who thinks flowers will make up for it.

What a bitch.

YDI for being a slut

Ah, hell! Why is she the slut? Her good friend is the one who slept with HER boyfriend, so there. She isn't the slut for having the boyfriend that was hers, her friend is a bitch and a homewrecker for sleeping with him. Fuck OP's life, she isn't a slut.

Bring flowers to her funeral saying, "Sorry for killing you!" =)

Why would you kill your good friend?

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#6, the same reason you would sleep with a good friend's boyfriend. Betrayal is the best form of endearment.

Um, she's apparently not anyone's "good friend"; that's why.

So you would kill someone for sleeping with your boyfriend? I'm pretty sure the boyfriend is to blame as well. Someone has anger problems

Oh yes, I seriously meant to get right in there and murder that bitch. Take the life in prison. Go ahead. Cut her into pieces too! /sarcasm Someone has sense of humor problems. If you can't recognize that obvious of a joke, you don't belong on a humorous website. Get off my ass. This is, what, the third FML you're hassling me and basically disagreeing with everything I say? Jesus.

Well you're very entertaining since you try to get along with everyone but the second someone disagrees with you go crazy. At least plexico doesn't have a "lets kill people because it's funny" sense of humor. I don't think murder is very funny (personal reasons) but if you think it is, then more power to you.

"The second someone disagrees with" me? Um, you've been replying to practically everything I say today disagreeing. You're a bitter person, aren't you? I don't care what you think is funny. Go bitch to any of the other 3426872530 people on here that make the same jokes. You seem to have a problem with me. So if you don't like me, stop replying to comments of mine that have nothing to do with you! You're annoying.

I don't know why you quoted me to be honest, you never made a point to it, you're just quoting what I said, not disagreeing with it or anything. I'm actually the opposite of bitter, and I'm actually much more intellectual than anyone on here will be willing to give me credit for. I know you don't care what I think is funny, but as I said, you're amusing. I could bitch to the other... 342blahblah people on here, but they don't respond as quick and aren't as amusing and they're "jokes" are pretty much "oh that sucks fyl" or "haha ydi" or the occasional "first." I have no problem with you, but since you hold up discussions and semi-arguments it's fun to talk to you. I'll respond to whatever comments I please regarding to whoever I want because if you're going to attack someone (which you do sometimes) or if I just respond to one of your random comments I'll do it with intelligence, not just some lackluster "lololol ur rong" the way some people do. I like interesting, insightful conversations, taking psychology and sociology classes makes this possible. Notice, I don't use stereotypes or useless thinking. Thanks for reading. BTW, you seem smart, you'll figure it out eventually (I'm getting what I want) Tldr: I post my opinion on her post

First off, I can tell you're intelligent. If I feel the need to insult you, it won't be on grounds of stupidity. Second, my point was "What are you basing that on? I didn't jump on you until several disagreements, disproving your point." Whatever, I actually don't mind your comments THAT much. It just seems very confrontational for you to disagree with me so much. I've dealt with far worse though.

I've read other comments by you and you seem very quick to defend yourself when someone says something somewhat insulting to you.

lolololol ur rong - sorry, couldn't resist!

01100110, do you just follow Intoxicunt around just to argue with her? Get a hobby, really.

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#88 I was thinking the exact same thing. Maybe it's like kindergarden, where the boy will constantly harass the girl, because he has a secret crush on her.

Ah, so true, #90. I can't wait till 01100110 hits puberty so he can make some comments that are worthwhile.

LOL. Binary guy: You're right about that. My goal isn't to sound neurotic and filled with self-doubt (although to others, I probably do), it's more like "OK this person wants to start shit, not just disagree, let me verbally annihilate them. Bitches." It's fun. :)

oh, i love it, when people go "oh i'm soooo intellectual, i go to college, i love conversations that are more than just the "occasional first", i'm so much better than you, i'm smarter, and shut the hell up anyway, i'm way too good for you." and then they start capitalizing each sentence and be soooo correct about grammar, that they start saying "oh my gosh, learn to spell, dumbass", even if you had just a little typo. gosh, people, it's the internet. everybody is just as dumb as you here, 'kay?

wow that just sucks

Didn't just suck. Pretty sure they did more than that.

lol i see what you did there

lol ouch. nice way to tell you

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Definitely! Because nothing says "Sorry for being a slut!" like some beautiful lilies! :D

Especially when the open up and spread out their petals and reveal their pink stamens. Mmmm.

While the boyfriend has yet to send you anything? Turn gay and switch with the better backstabber

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YDI for 1. having a friend 2. having a bf remember Jesus

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Fail on the friend's part. An edible arrangement would've been much more appropriate for the occassion. What girl doesn't want to sit around and stuff their faces with chocolate and sugary things after they learn their friend/boyfriend is a fucknut?

Hell yeah! Edible arrangements FTW! They are quite tasty....yay for eating sadness away!

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Very tasty! However, most of it's healthy. Ick. I just drown all of the fruit in chocolate though, that takes care of the nutritional value!

So true! OP's friend is inconsiderate in many ways! OP should punch her friend in the mouth and break all her teeth off, then send her an Edible Arrangement bearing a note that reads, "Sorry for breaking all your teeth. Enjoy this chocolate-covered apple basket."

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Is this for real?