By jayscalaro
Today, it's raining pretty hard and there are a bunch of puddles everywhere. I’m in a full rain suit and great boots, so instead of walking around the puddles, I decided to walk through the biggest one, only to drop down 4 feet, all because the city didn’t cover up a massive manhole. FML
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  dasin  |  17

i would any day why would i even need rain gear to walk in a puddle? how would this suggest age by any means? like have a sense of adventure and make the day great by doing random acts of fun

By  jbuckets_404  |  38

OP, remind me never to allow you to pilot my boat through dense fog or to steer my vehicle through inclement weather....

So again, it's somebody ELSE's fault - not your own -
that you chose to act with wanton disregard for your own safety -
during obviously self-noted bad weather conditions -
when site safety could obviously NOT be confirmed solely via means of visual inspection -
while you apparently conducted yourself along a street with which you were completely unfamiliar ie, had never seen before - esp. in good weather
else you would've already had known to avoid the area altogether for safety concerns.

So then, I gotta ask: just how many first responders - whose lives you also then therefore needlessly put into jeopardy - arrived to assist you?

Or didn't you bother to even first evaluate those possible repercussions either - before engaging in said reckless behavior?

BTW, has anybody from the Darwin Awards Committee contacted you yet about applying again in time for next year's ceremonies?

--(Sometimes Still) TOO Caring About CERTAIN Things

  Kaylana_fml  |  31

Victim blaming much? It's completely reasonable to not assume there are unmarked open manholes scattered around the city. Open manholes are supposed to be roped off, or covered back up before the workers abandon the site. Walking through "puddles" on a rainy day is hardly reckless behavior.


Dude, OP fell 4 feet into a manhole. Given that most adults generally grow to be well over 5 feet tall, I don't think they were in any danger. They also didn't mention getting stuck in the hole, so I don't think "first responders" were needed, which means no one else was at risk at the time. Also, who looks at a puddle and suspects it's more than a couple of inches of water? It's a freaking puddle! Everyone living in the UK would be trapped in their homes if they thought every puddle could potentially be deeper than they looked. The real danger here would have been the possibility of a little kid falling in, especially if there was nothing around to indicate the manhole cover was missing.

Oh, and since OP didn't die, this accident wouldn't be recognized by the Darwin Awards. If they chose to look at accidents that didn't result in death, your parents would have an award for dropping you on your head.

By  Phil  |  14

I'm gonna guess that it was ACME rain gear right? And you were running after a purple bird, that had just run through the same puddle.