By Doy - 19/12/2011 06:31 - Canada

Today, I told my boyfriend that I didn't know what I was going to do over the Christmas holidays since he was going to be out of the country. He suggested that I work out and do some sit-ups. FML
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Only so you will be fit enough to handle the sex marathon that will take place when he comes back ;)

Well at least it's something to do .


Well at least it's something to do .

Celebrate Christmas and new years with friends and family :)

Or maybe she can learn to dump him through the medium of free-style rapping.

I think she needs kanyes workout plan

Only so you will be fit enough to handle the sex marathon that will take place when he comes back ;)

29: Epic Fail!

he cares about your physical health (:

Haha. Keenan & Kel.

Says the guy with a fat guy as their pic XD

Lmfaoooo ur picccc

90- I think your pic is worse, just look at all the Justin Bieber posters in the background! *shudders*

Then suggest he masturbate for a week or two

Dump him for someone with better manners

I'm curious now. How would you politely suggest your partner to start working out? Is there a polite way at all or is it just one of those things? Some of us might come across this situation in the future so some good feedback could help save some relationships as well as pants sizes.

I'm curious myself to know the "polite" way to suggest this. I don't see anything wrong with the bf's comment or manners. He didn't insult OP in any way or call her names. Are you never allowed to mention anything bordering on weight, health, or body shape with your SO? What a sad lack of intimacy.

Maybe there isn't really a way to say it politely, but you shouldn't say it as abruptly. Like support it with something, for example: it's good for you, that's all I have so I'm just going to put, etc.

Or maybe suggest working out together. That can be fun and healthy for both parties involved.

But he's not in the country, I don't know if that's possible unless they do it over Skype or FaceTime.

24- for all we know he could have. We only have the OPs side of the story.

It would seem girls simply don't want to hear anything related to their weight, no matter how politely you tell them.

I'm pretty sure when someone is saying that they don't know what to do with themselves because they're going to miss you so much, it's never polite to tell them to go get in shape.

But why would it upset them? Would they rather have their SO not say anything and in turn lead to them possibly cheating? Communication is key, if their weight gain is not going well for their SO, they shouldn't have to sit back and watch. Telling them shouldn't be seen as negative, it's a good thing to let your partner know what you think of the situation.

I agree with your second point, but me agreeing won't change anything. You and I both know that lots of people cheat because of weight gain. I'm not saying its right but it happens. If you gained 50 pounds since marriage you may become less attractive in your partners eyes, as they might not find larger men/women attractive. Ending the relationship seems a little overboard (especially a marriage) for something as petty as weight gain, which may be why people cheat instead.

Rule #1: Cardio. Exercise is good for you, and it's great for killing time.

zombieland :D

Rule #2- double tap :-D

Rule #3: Beware of bathrooms

Let the "He's a keeper" comments commence

Let the "Let the -insert cliche comment here- comments commence" comments commence. Wam bam KABAAM!!! Comment inception haha.

we all need to burn away the holiday calories we get from eating all that shit

Sounds like this relationship isn't going to work out.

I see what you did there.

I need to do some crunches too. I've been hitting the egg nog pretty hard these past few days.

Yum! Egg nog is like a Christmas milkshake!

I quite enjoy the Evan Williams Egg nog...

Farm Store's= The best one! (after you add your own liquor!) (:

Enslaved, would it be ok to just add liquor I bought from tuscarora or do I have to make my own ?

I meant "the store" not tuscarora

Although the alcohol from tuscarora is quite delectable.