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Today, while lighting a cigarette, I learned the hard way that the amount of styling mousse I used to get my curly hair to become manageable, is the roughly same amount that causes it to become highly flammable. FML
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smoking and overuse of hairproducts, yep the fates just have it all decided for you

Atleast you know you had flaming style and smokin' hair.


smoking and overuse of hairproducts, yep the fates just have it all decided for you

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Enough hairspray to keep her hair manageable is overdoing it? She's just unlucky

I wonder if she'll learn the hard way that smoking causes lung cancer and other serious health problems.

26: I hope you're not the kind of person who says this to smokers you know, like we somehow missed the PSA or something. Slow, painful death, check. The newest stats I heard though: 100% of nonsmokers will also die.

marrry - Yes, but we will die much later than you with nice, pink, healthy, normal lungs. There is NOT ONE single good reason to smoke. Does it look cool? Does it smell good? Does it make you smarter? Does it make you healthy? Is it cheap? Knowing something is bad and stupid and expensive and unhealthy and still doing it anyway is the epitome of idiocy.

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Doc most people start smoking at a younger age 14, 15, 16, teens really so they don't really see the down side so don't judge people without knowing them

Some people enjoy it. Perhaps you need to get your head out of your own ass. Your personal hatred gives you no place to act like a smarmy, whiny little shit. "Ohhhhh, this persons a smoker! Lets lynch them so I feel better about my false sense of superiority!" Just give it a rest, you've proven you have nothing constructive to say. If this had happened while the OP was lighting, say, a candle, everyone would be all "aww I'm sorry, that sucks!". Instead, because this person is a smoker, the majority people feel as though they can vilify them.

38 - How can a teenager not know the downsides? "This shit kills you" (Well, something to that effect...) is printed on the ******* packets.

Lots of people also started smoking before the anti-smoking campaigns. Once you get addicted, it's hard to stop. People who don't smoke seem to have this sense of smug, almost pretentious sense of superiority over smokers. Now I don't smoke, and I agree it is stupid to smoke, but it's their own choice. Let them do it. But do they deserve having their hair set alight for it?

46 - Talking specifically about today's teenagers, as I was, it's unlikely that many of them were smoking before the campaigns, which began in the 70s.

Well whatever. I was just referring to smokers in general which is what the majority of the conversation seemed to be about, rather than the two people who mentioned teenagers. Either way, let them smoke, it's their choice. If you'd like to talk about teenagers, here's an example. My great aunt is in her 70's and she's been smoking since she was a teenager. Yes, it'll kill her eventually and I can accept that it's her fault. Still, she's held on this long. Doesn't change her personality and I don't think she deserves to have her hair set alight for it.

dwc2134 - Nice try using big words, but you clearly don't know what the **** "smarmy" means, nitwit. The only people whining here are the smokers like you - "Oh, people hate me because I blow toxic fumes in their air! WAAH WAAH WAAH!" It isn't a 'personal' hatred, moron. I am on the front line of seeing the ill effects of smoking. Dead lungs, dead bowel, dead brains, and dead hearts. There's no excuse for anyone to start smoking these days. If I do something stupid and dangerous, I would hope someone would vilify me for it. I think what I've said is very constructive. If you're hurt by it, go and smoke your pain away.

45 Didn't yout know they don't harm you until you're 20. Doc there's lots of stupid crap that's fun but people won't be vilified that much for.

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#38_Did you miss the FML where the genius teenager told her mom cigarettes were only harmful if you're over 20? Duh!

Really 77 I thought it made me live longer!

Smokers are some of the most selfish people. The toxic fumes from their nasty cigarettes pollute the air and it's fine if they want to kill themselves by doing it but their secondhand smoke kills 600,000 people, annually. I always feel bad for children whose parents smoke in front of them; first being that the fumes are so harmful and second because they might grow up to think it's okay too, in which it is NOT.

To all of you who are saying, "well it's their choice," and think we shouldn't get into their business: yes, we should! It wouldn't mind letting smokers smoke if it wasn't for the fact that they are poisoning the air around them. The air that non-smokers breathe in. If my health is affected by their stupid decisions, then I have a right to get into their business.

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Why was this comment thumbed down? Because smokers don't want to hear the truth even though they already know it?

Yes, I do say that to smokers I know, like my husband, every chance I get. I'm supposed to just turn the other cheek while I watch someone I love waste away their life on an expensive, and disgusting habit, that can also harm myself as well as other people? No. It's not like smoking only hurts the person doing the smoking, 2nd hand smoke is even worse.


87- so do motor vehicles and factories but most people dont seem to care....

I have made my mother 8 years clean of cigarettes and have been getting at my dad to quit since I was about 8. My mom quit October 1, 2004. It made me so happy that I got her to quit, my dad has tried to quit so many times it's in the double digits, but his personality is so volatile when he doesn't smoke that there is no longer a point to nagging him. He carries the burden of not being able to quit with him everywhere, and he hates it, and I know I've done as much as I can, I just hope he beats it one day. Not for me, but for himself

I understand why people hate smoking but you cannot force your opinions on others. People are rational and decide to smoke and its within their rights to smoke we should tell them the risks and let them decide. There not stupid people they choose to smoke for whatever reason and we should accept it if they know all he facts.

My grandma smokes, but she's still really nice, and she is trying to quit.

109- I'm not exactly a supporter of the bad air that comes from there either, but you see, despite the bad things they do to nature, they still prove to be useful to us in some way. Is smoking useful to us? Not at all.

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Look. To all y'all sayin smokers are stupid,STOP. My mother,aunt,father,grandfather,and most of my mother's and father's friends smoke. Every one of them are tryin to quit. Smokin is a habit and is very addictin. I'm sure that some of y'all have habits that you can't break. Smokin is a harder habit to break than almost any other. If the people smokin don't smoke around non-smokers let them do what they want. All smokers understand the risk and many try to stop,but addictions are hard to break

I hate people that say it's the smokers choice to smoke and it doesn't affect you. Well actually it does. I can barely walk downtown without having to cover my mouth and nose so I don't get second hand smoke. It's disgusting.

Very fitting day for me to read this thread, second day smoke free :)

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Umm personally I know a lot of friends that smoke and peer pressure plays a lot so does trying something new I mean shit dude don't be a dick

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Smoking is a great reason not to have to talk to self righteous non smokers. Sure, I'll die earlier, but what they always gloss over is that the Yeats you lose are the incontinent, senile ones at the end, and I'll trade them for having undesirables avoid me of their own volition.

I used to smoke, but I quit. It's not hard to quit if you really want to. Some smokers just don't WANT to quit and it's become second nature, most aren't addicted to the cigarettes they're addicted to the act of smoking. My mom and dad smoke because it is what they've been doing since they were kids, literally. I had smoked for two years and I quit because I knew it was stupid to do in the first place, and I didn't want to be one of those idiots who smokes while pregnant. Been smoke free since last October 2011 and having a baby in January 2013.

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Hey doc I've always loved your comments but there are good reasons to smoke. I started about a year after joining the marine corps and have used it consistently since about three or four times a day to unwind after the nigh insurmountable stress I deal with on the day to day. With consistent exercise and a healthy diet I am more likely to live a long and healthy life than most.

159- Now I'm not a doctor, but I'm sure Doc would agree that there are much better ways to deal with stress than smoking. Try yoga or meditation, or even simple breathing exercises. While these may seem like gimmicks, they have been proven to relieve stress immensely without harmful side effects..


160- things that are proven to relieve stress only work if the person doing it is enjoying what they are doing it. If they dont enjoy doing its most likely guaranteed not to work, no matter how hard they try... For some smoking cigarettes is their way of relaxing and others have their own ways of relieving stress...

Devilpuppy0861 7

Hey 160 trust me I understand. While I find your new age methods hilarious in a marine corps setting I appreciate your advice none the less. However the stress I was facing would be greatly exacerbated by busting out a ******* yoga mat or trying to meditate in a god damn war zone.

165- I agree that in your particular setting, the methods I suggested would be considered pretty taboo. However, I was merely using those suggestions as examples for the fact that there are other tension-releasing activities other than smoking. But, on a side note, thank you for your service.

meditation requires nothing more than a place to sit in any position and closing your eyes.

151- so you're saying that you wouldn't mind dying a few years earlier, and to avoid those 'senile' years, you're willing to risk the lives of others? Did you know second hand smoke is twice as bad as the smoke you as a smoker inhale?

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And what have we learned from this?

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Do the opposite of OP. and Never smoke.

Also, if you drench your head in flammable chemicals; avoid campfires, candles, gas powered ovens, matches, lighters, fireworks, and anything else with an open flame. That seems a bit more appropriate to the FML, doesn't it?

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The combo also smells horrific; burning hair, cigarette smoke, and enough hairspray smell to make axe jealous.

Omg I burned a chunk off my thumb lighting a bowl of weed today and a bit of my index finger lighting a cigg. All today. My hair didn't light on fire but I feel your pain

96 can you tell me ever thing about you, because I have this friend who would love to take you to his work. ;-)

Atleast you know you had flaming style and smokin' hair.

Bet she looked hot as hell and felt quite enlightened with this new knowledge of chemistry.. :)

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Her hair must have looked hot.

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Ur not funny at all and fml is a gay website

Can I just say I did this same 2 years ago. Not even remotely funny. I couldn't put the flames out and still have trauma until this day. Sorry OP!

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Yes, hair alone is very flammable. Unfortunately I know this from experience.

The moral of the story is always that you can't trust the system. MAAAN

The distinction is that when you are smoking, you are poisoning other people's air. The chances of the person eating the burger contributing to the deaths of others is much much smaller.

When you smoke. Others need to walk through the smoke cloud. Smell that horrible smell on your clothes and everything. So smoking does effect everyone around you. Unlike a fat person only effects their own health.

103- that smoke cloud also causes cancer, there is no excuse for smoking...especially with all the methods there are today to help

103- horrible smell? thats just your opinion. I dont like fat people smell either!

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Proffesional tests have been unable to light gasoline on fire with cigarettes, even in optimal conditions at temperatures high enough for combustion. Draw conclusions?

84- you removed Romney from your spine? That is a pretty cool souvenir. :) (If you don't understand read the profile)

Yea 84 you should probably change your description if you're going to change your pic... It's pretty weird lol ;) I like your pic btw it made me laugh :)

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72 - It's the fumes that are flammable, you ninny. Sure, let it sit out in an open bucket for a couple of days and you can toss cigarettes into it and it'll extinguish them. But "professional tests" being "unable to ignite" gasoline? I would tell you to go smoke with your head next to the tank next time you fill up, but it'd probably just drive up the cost of gas. -.-

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Her hair is on

Your hair's on fire, you must have lost your wits, yeah..

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Well that is one way to start a new hair trend...

Yeah, I wouldn't mind walking around with a ball of fire on my head; only problem is that the hair style would work only once before I have to get a wig.

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Sweet Tooth can pull it off so why can't she. Oh wait, he's psychotic and a fictional character. Oops, never mind.

Fire and hair products don't mix well. I leant that from Michael Jackson. RIP

It's very easy to singe your hair while lighting a cigarette, I've done it myself a couple times. Sorry OP!

Well, it's an unusual motive to stop smoking, but I'd make the best of it...