By roar_shark - 11/07/2009 03:41 - Canada

Today, I was driving home from my friend's house and noticed this really cute girl riding her bike. She had an amazing body, beautiful blonde hair and looked like my kind of girl! About 10 minutes after I got home, my sister pulled up. She had just biked home from the hair salon. FML
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Incest is overrated, go for it! ;D

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Wow... how did you not recognize her face?? o.O kinkyyyy


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congrats, you got your comment near the top. happy?

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omg... :3

you didn't recognize her??

INCEST!!!! ewwwwwww

duuuuude wtffffff?

incest is the best so put your cousin to the test :D


Incest is overrated, go for it! ;D

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LOL That was gross Nonetheless

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How old is she?

incest is wincest! no but that's pretty stupid not knowing your own sister, and her bike

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Don't you mean underrated?

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Crazy canadians and their wincest

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Wincest, #3? Soooooooomeone's a Supernatural fan!

who doesn't LOVE supernatural? it's awesome!!!

I love supernatural :D to the op: what are u blind?

Supernatural sucks ass

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When he meant 'looked like my type of girl' it's when you look at someone on street and try and judge their personality. I do it quite a lot, I just get this vibe of how confident they are and how nice/friendly they are, I will go far as to measure intelligence, I won't ever use the judgements when meeting new people because that is unfair.

Bah! PumpkinTarte, every sensible guy does it, regardless of there actual intelligence or deep-ness (if such a quality is in any of us).

when you first see someone you dont know their personality and all you have to go off of is how they look and btw, the only people that complain about other people being shallow are the ugly ones

Umm... I just has to say (although someone else might've said it already), people calling the OP and others shallow judgmental pigs are being pretty... judgmental? =/ YOU DON'T KNOW THEIR LIFE!!1!! Haha. :D

MSJ91 1

Where I live (also Ontario), I rarely see girls riding their bikes. That could actually say quite a bit about her: she cares about the environment, she's trying to keep in shape through exercise (instead of just not eating, like most girls), and she isn't high maintenance. Then again, she just might not be able to drive yet, and had no other means of getting to the hair salon. XP OP, can I have her number? She sounds like my kind of girl! =P

@jmgirl HURR HURR, I CAN'T NAIL ANYTHING ON THE GUY SO I HAVE TO POKE FUN AT HIS TYPING. Face the facts, stupid shit, every guy does it. When I see anyone, I judge them. I'm extremely prejudice in my mind, and only in my mind. A black guy? I figure he's a no-good gangster. When I meet him, do I act towards him thinking he's a no-good gangster? Absolutely not. It just so happens my prejudice is generally right, but I give people chances to prove me wrong. Stop failing.

@jmgirl Although he did just contradict himself, no need to be so nasty. This is nothing to get butt hurt about.

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Or maybe by "my kind" he meant "the kind I find physically attractive." It's hard to judge the personality of someone you see on the street, but that doesn't mean you can't judge their appearance, nor that appearance is the only thing you care about.

Shallow? For being physically attracted to some women? What planet are you from?

haha i agree with 133.

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wow jmgirl, that was obnoxious, rip his balls out why not?

Everybody does it. Are you trying to say that women don't?

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#4, Agreed.

Every single person on the planet had a little shallow in them shame on you for not realizing this before you commented with your shallow remark

Everything you just said makes me want to bitch slap you

Whats with all the sisterly love FMLs, and they are all from canada lol. That really does suck dude, try not to have too big of a complex


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YDI for being a canadian ******. Go suck ur sisters penis and rape ur deers.

O__O what did Canadians ever do to you, dickwad?

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what number 10 said.

Dear Slipknot asshole: the plural of deer is, surprisingly, deer. Apparently your father took your advice and ****** his sister often enough to produce you. You really should be proud of your legacy. Soon, your sister will be born and you can get it on with her (once she's 18 of course). It's a miracle you can speak, let alone type semi-coherent sentences. Stay strong, fuckface.

#7 please go **** yourself you ignorant ****. Canadians don't **** their own relatives, it's only stupid hicks like you, who think so. Canadians don't have babies with their own cousins, dumbass. This guy didn't notice it was his sister, obviuosly, he was far away, and since she just died her hair blonde, how the **** was he supposed to know that it was his sister. So, once again, go **** yourself you racist prick. Seriously, is everyone that stereotypical, about Canadians. Hey, this may shock you, but we have electricity up here. And it's not winter 24/7. In fact, in Toronto right now it's actually quite a nice day today. And no, I don't live in a goddamn igloo. And yeah, we have cars up here, as a matter of fact, I own a corvette. And surprisingly, we do have other food than deer. So no #7, we do not rape deer(not deers, deer). I don't know where you got that idea from, but I mean, I don't judge, so if you rape deer in your spare time, good luck to you.

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Fuck you #7 and THANK YOU number 26. I also get that stereotype a lot on xbox live "oh how did you get the internet into your igloo!?!" or some shit like that. ******* idiots. rape the deer? i mean comeon wth

SiCMgt4SlipKnoT 0

HAHAHA go suck ur mums dick you faget. I dont live in the south where all the inbred (like you) live u ******.

28 I get the same thing on Xbox. But don't even worry about it. If your playing NHL, just remember that most of the other guys team is made up of Canadian players. We have the best national hockey team in the world, except maybe Russia (ovechkins a ****** tank).

Ummm slipknot... I'm not black, and I'm pretty sure I live further north than you do, seeing how I live in Canada. My God, you're stupid.

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Obvious troll is obvious. Don't feed it, gaiz.

lolz ii dnt liive iin canade but ii agree! :D {and iif any1 has a complaiint about how iim spellin u can go *** urself} =)

why r ther so many canadian haters on this site. a shit load of ppl get in to online fights bout it. who gives a ****. ur so right #26.

by the way, the swedish hockey team is better than the canadian team. sorry.

Is that why we beat them last year? Sorry, Canadian hockey > Swedish hockey. WOOP!

Oh shit I totally forgot about Sweden, they are good, but last olympics the people who chose the Canadian hockey team were dumbasses. I mean they put ****** brian mccabe on the team! Seriously, 2010 is gonna be better for Canada. Even though, they left out marc savard.

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I don't get why in all these FML's people are calling Canadian-haters racist. Being Canadian isn't a race...its a nationality. get it right folkz! not to be a troll or anything. x)

#7, you're an idiot.

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Wow... how did you not recognize her face?? o.O kinkyyyy

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Like he said in the original post, he was looking at her body not her face.

My guess is, they were going in the same direction, so he most likely only saw her from behind.