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Today, I went to get my hair done. The hairdresser managed to catch my eyebrow piercing in his comb and almost rip it out. I now look like I have a gunshot wound on the upper right hand side of my face. I'm getting married in a matter of hours, and I still had to pay £100 for the hair cut. FML
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XDsmileyDX_fml 24

If anything I'd file a complaint.

Makeup? Or see if you could comb your hair over it?


XDsmileyDX_fml 24

If anything I'd file a complaint.

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I'm sure she will love her piercings at her 50th anniversary! She's not stupid either, if it would if been a problem, which it shouldn't have been, the hair dresser would of told her! Shame on you for being so judgmental because you disagree with piercings.

That's incredibly judgemental. Just because a certain piercing isn't for you doesn't mean someone else regret it later in life; it also doesn't mean they should pay for the hairdresser's incompetence.

nnnope 26

45 - were you born yesterday or are you always this ignorant?? I have 11 ear piercings and 9 facial piercings. I don't remove a single one when I get my hair done. why? because my hairdresser is competent, and the first few times I saw her, I told her which ones to be wary of catching on the comb (now she just knows). also, I've really gotta wonder why someone should remove a lip piercing for a hair cut...? wat. it's really pathetic to shame someone for their body modifications just because you don't like them. having piercings doesn't mean you have all of your big life events at a bar -- that logic is ridiculous and unfounded. I'll personally be happy to show my grandchildren photos of me with all my piercings, all of which I hope to have the rest of my life because they're important to me...which is clearly something that a person like you is too close-mindedly narcissistic to understand. maybe you should try commenting on something you actually have some knowledge about next time?

nnnope 26

I would like to add that I slightly misread 45's comment, and would like to replace the statement about showing grandchildren photos with a similar statement about a wedding anniversary. you get the point, I hope @__@

45 - Nobody knows how they're going to feel when they look back on photographs. The idea is that you have fun and feel good at the time when it's all happening. If the fear of looking back on bad photos prevents you from doing what you'd like and looking how you want to, then you need to sort out your priorities.

Oh yes then after filing a complaint she can file a law suit for intentional infliction of emotional distress. There is only one problem with both, it was a mistake. Suck it up buttercup. If this is the worst thing that happens its a good day to get married.

A complaint is not in any way the same thing as a lawsuit. And, yeah, her face was disfigured on a day where her physical appearance is (presumably) important to her. It wouldn't be the most frivolous lawsuit I've heard of even if she did decide to sue. I think the establishment should have covered at least PART of the cost of her cut, if not all of it.

Look, I'm sorry to be this "ignorant and overly judgmental guy", but to me I don't like a girl with piercings anywhere else but her ears. A belly button piercing is borderline. More than ear piercings is an automatic no from me. That shit with the gauges is disgusting. I mean, what the actual **** do you think is going to happen in a few years when you try to get a good job? More than ears, looks shitty, trashy, and all around disgusting!

Hate to break it to you, but they're really starting to not care about tattoos and piercings in the real world. I work at a hospital and I've seen many nurses and even doctors with them, although the doctor's tend to be hidden due to the long white coats they all wear. Some nurses have even had pink hair. Crazy, but no longer unheard of.

why the thumbs down? just telling the truth....pull that shit out of your face,punctuation...YDI

#93 I don't think anybody asked you for your opinion on what's attractive and what's not attractive, but since you felt the need to express all of that... It's a lot easier to get a job nowadays with body mods, you just have to find companies that are very laid-back or somewhat alternative. A person with 2-inch stretched ears and facial piercings and tattoo sleeves isn't going to want to work at some office job where none of that is allowed anyways, they're going to want to work at a company that encourages self-expression, so they don't need to worry about if they'll get the job or not. I didn't start doing my body mods until I was sure of what career I was going into and if they were going to accept it or not.

93- I'm pretty sure nobody here gives a solitary **** what you're "into". I have 8 piercings, and anybody who has a problem with them can eat a dick. It's my body and I'm not hurting anyone by piercing myself. Plus, I wouldn't want some asshole like you interested in me anyway. My boyfriend has no piercings or tattoos, and I have both piercings and tattoos, and he doesn't care at all. He loves me for who I am, not what I look like, and he accepts that they make me happy.

nnnope 26

93: oh look, another idiot who has no idea what the thing he hates is even called. they're not called "gauges." do some research before you decide to hate something you know literally not a single thing about so passionately :) seriously, go google "the history of stretched earlobes." you might learn something. by the way, my earlobes are stretched to 3/4" and 7/16" (both sizes in each ear), and I used to make $16 an hour with a job that was technically for the government. (I lost that job for reasons that had nothing to do with my appearance, which is beside the point.) and, nobody gives even one single **** that you don't like modified women...I don't recall anyone asking for your ******-up opinion? but please do go on about how you think people like me are trashy and disgusting! I guess judging people negatively on their appearances is still a thing in 2013. thank goodness I found a man who's not a complete idiot like you, and who lets me look the way I want because he knows it makes me happy. I would never have gone for a man (or woman) who would give me an "automatic no" for something as stupidly trivial as a piercing. good luck ever getting married with that kind of "she has to look how I say she can look!" attitude.

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I am an RN in a hospital an I have 19 piercings in my ears. My employer has never said anything regarding them. To the contrary, as long as I am taking care of my patients who gives a ****? Most of them compliment me or ask me about them all the time. Next year I graduate school and will become a nurse practitioner. I highly doubt then that I will take any of my earrings out either.

let's be very clear here hypocrites, I did not judge her piercing, I judged her stupidity in leaving them in while getting her hair done. I take MINE out for every cut because I am not stupid. as for assuming I did like them and calling me judgmental against piercings and tattoos, I have 5 tattoos and 6 pericings. And let's face it, if she didn't want to be judged she shouldn't have posted her business on a site where the point it's to judge! We all judge, you judged me, yes I think pericings are tacky at a formal event, I removes mine at my wedding because its not the time to showcase your rebellion against convention. There are plenty of more appropriate times for that. Although they are far more comen place than they use to be and more accepted than when I got mine, it doesn't change the meaning of the term tacky! So judge me if you must be don't sit there thinking my judgments an less judgmental than your own!!

Roskosity 22

I'd be too afraid to get a haircut on my wedding day. What of you don't like it?

#119, she got her hair 'done'. By that, I assume she means she got it styled.

I had the exact same thing happen to me two weeks after I got it pierced. I got out of the chair after she was done, threw a five at her, and said I wasn't about to pay anymore. That shit hurt. :(

@#121 The last two words of the FML are "hair cut". So... if I'm thinking correctly... I think OP got a hair cut.

Makeup? Or see if you could comb your hair over it?

Misaki18 17

She will look beautiful with whatever she does because all brides do! :) But for the pictures a little photoshop on that eyebrow wouldn't hurt. :p

I blame OP. Anyone else realize that this means she was wearing an eyebrow ring to her wedding?

134 she never said that she was wearing to to the wedding, just that she had it in. Besides its HER wedding not yours. She can do whatever the **** she wants.

Or, you know, she could remove the eyebrow ring. Crazy idea, right?

137 as I said its her wedding. If she wants to wear her piercings she can.

Sorry OP, I would complain to the manager and file a complaint. Have a wonderful wedding though:)

Sorry to hear that OP! I know it's hard to not get bent out of shape about that but try your best to stay positive! It's your wedding day! And no matter what, you will still look as beautiful as ever! Congrats!

I honestly wouldn't pay full price after getting in injury that was the hairdressers doing.. There should be a discount for that or something.

I am very sorry that guy seems unprofessional.

You should not have to pay for that, I wonder if you can file a lawsuit or sue for that? Anyways, HAVE FUN ON YOUR WEDDING DAY! I hope you end up getting refunded for your haircut.

monnanon 13

this is the uk. we dont do frivolous suing of people unless we happen to have an"accident that wasnt our fault"

It wouldn't sit well if you sued. The argument would be that OP should have taken the piercing out but then you could also say the hairdresser should have said something before beginning the hair cut. In short, all that lengthy suing process would probably only finish with the hairdresser refunding the money. Hardly worth the battle in my eyes.

OR! The hairdresser had prior knowledge of said piercing and should have been more ******* careful!!

You still had to pay?!?! That ridiculous! At least you're getting married to your loved one today even if your eyebrow looks less than perfect.

150493x 29

Should ask for your money back and put in a complaint against him for not being more careful!

DenBriZel 31

Congratulations OP! But, still I'd file a complaint. Maybe they'll give you a free expensive haircut or something.