By kylie - United States
  Today, my boyfriend texted me, and asked if he could come over to 'have some fun'. Thinking we were going to do it, I freshened up. Turns out his idea of 'having some fun' is playing Doodle Jump and Angry Birds on my iPod. For three hours. FML
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  number0  |  8

YDI for texting. With LOL standing for lots of love, and JK standing for someone's initials, you're fucked if you choose to text.

YDI for having an iPod. Those things are out of style, you ancient woman... Get an iPad (No, it's not a tampon) or an iPhone without a texting plan.

YDI for being a woman. Nuff said.

  bonicr  |  0

85, what the hell kind of pose is that?

It looks like you're having a seizure and your camera just happened to be there.

Take a normal picture and stop doing... that. Whatever 'that' is, I can assure you it's not what you think it is.

  nerdsgetmehot  |  22

#98 It's just a picture, not a personal attack. Mind your own business. :)
And look, I'm going to change it to a picture where I'm in a pose that doesn't make any more sense than my last one...Just because I can. It's always the ones without the pictures that complain about the pictures of others...

  bonicr  |  0

Never said it was a personal attack 'nerdsgetmehot' and I don't see how telling me to mind my own business is justified seeing as it's just as much my business as anyone else (think about why you have the picture up in the first place).

I did not insult you about anything other than your pose, I didn't say you can or can't put it up either. If you don't mind looking like a person with a seizure on a random website then you should be happy and take it as a compliment.

If you were shooting for something else, one where saying you look like you are having a seizure is an insult, then you should reconsider your pose.

If you don't care then don't reply, though it's a little too late for that... I think you were insulted and you're acting aloof, but that's just a guess.

  nerdsgetmehot  |  22

#121 Well, what did you expect my reaction to be? Saying something like that can only really breed a negative reaction, so I don't really know what you were trying to gain. A reaction, maybe? Mission accomplished.

By  iamchuck  |  0

He didn't say have sex, just have some fun. Your fault for trying to read extra meaning into what he said.