By kylie - 10/08/2010 07:22 - United States

Today, my boyfriend texted me, and asked if he could come over to 'have some fun'. Thinking we were going to do it, I freshened up. Turns out his idea of 'having some fun' is playing Doodle Jump and Angry Birds on my iPod. For three hours. FML
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astarwarsfan 0

haha you got **** blocked by an iPod

perdix 29

You should have JUMPed him, whipped out his DOODLE, given him an ANGRY *******, flipped him the BIRD, and left. That would show him!


hey those games are awesome! don't blame your boyfriend.

Hey don't hate on doodle jump, that kept me entertained through every boring lecture last semester

Did you have sandwiches ready for him? better have

61,056 my doodle jump best angry birds- beaten u need to get fragger ,quickhook, and prince of persia retro, and of course words with friends

ChristyCarnegie 0

that's just sad. another one of those ungrateful boyfriends. ydi for dating him.

BallinJ 0

ydi for always having sex on your mind.

missvee98324 0

i LOVE doodle jump! can i have your boyfriend?

hahafylop 4

Your boyfriend clearly knows what's good for him. :)

hahaha everytime I see product on movies or tv, I yell "product placement!!", thanks to one of the many facets of my college education...

knight0748 5

you should take a poop and tell you bf to come and watch it float.

dickster 0

YDI for wanting sеx over iPod games.

Play archetype? :D I just got ranked up from Major last night

chuk_norris_fml 0

did he doodle jump all over your face?

**** you doodle jump is awesome! don't you ever do anything else other than sex?

kelzen 0

rofl she thought she was getting laid. YDI

YDI for dating a middle school student. We use to play that shit all day in Language Arts.

^^^ said the kid one year removed from middle school

YDI for texting. With LOL standing for lots of love, and JK standing for someone's initials, you're ****** if you choose to text. YDI for having an iPod. Those things are out of style, you ancient woman... Get an iPad (No, it's not a tampon) or an iPhone without a texting plan. YDI for being a woman. Nuff said.

nooo iPod owns, try to put an iPad in your pocket, and btw: these games own ass!! but still, sex is better

Dunebuggy569 5

why are you trying to have sex before marriage? hoe

#1 fails, iPad isn't that great at all it's just a toy, and it's bound to iTunes. And Angry Birds is great! But choosing that over sex...

#80 Not everyone shares your views. Just because she's having sex/wants to have sex doesn't make her a "ho."

iLuvCupcakesxoxo 0

Myname is right, ur boyfriend rules..he wanted to spend time together not"wreck you hard" so screw u. hahaha

Angry Birds is number 1 on the app store for a reason lol.

bonicr 0

85, what the hell kind of pose is that? It looks like you're having a seizure and your camera just happened to be there. Take a normal picture and stop doing... that. Whatever 'that' is, I can assure you it's not what you think it is.

#98 It's just a picture, not a personal attack. Mind your own business. :) And look, I'm going to change it to a picture where I'm in a pose that doesn't make any more sense than my last one...Just because I can. It's always the ones without the pictures that complain about the pictures of others...

hey, that's my idea of fun too! what a coincident

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Never said it was a personal attack 'nerdsgetmehot' and I don't see how telling me to mind my own business is justified seeing as it's just as much my business as anyone else (think about why you have the picture up in the first place). I did not insult you about anything other than your pose, I didn't say you can or can't put it up either. If you don't mind looking like a person with a seizure on a random website then you should be happy and take it as a compliment. If you were shooting for something else, one where saying you look like you are having a seizure is an insult, then you should reconsider your pose. If you don't care then don't reply, though it's a little too late for that... I think you were insulted and you're acting aloof, but that's just a guess.

if he would have did it with you first he probably would have still Been able to play doodle jump for 2hrs and 50mins

u don't consider that fun? I play those games in all my free time cuz i have a life

#121 Well, what did you expect my reaction to be? Saying something like that can only really breed a negative reaction, so I don't really know what you were trying to gain. A reaction, maybe? Mission accomplished.

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messiferlife19 0

hey you get off his back those games are amazing

hey! ydi for having the 2 most addiction games, doodle jump and angry birds

kgfheels 0

I like doodle jump too and ur hot

kgfheels 0

u wana cum over and "have some fun"

75, Not everyone can afford an iPad you ignorent twat.

22 the **** are you talking about? nobody ever specified sex, he just has a different idea of fun than her. stfu

haha my boyfriend loves angry birds he always plays it on my iPhone

astarwarsfan 0

haha you got **** blocked by an iPod

yakyak132 0

slap him off side of the head if that's what he thinks of fun

perdix 29

You should have JUMPed him, whipped out his DOODLE, given him an ANGRY *******, flipped him the BIRD, and left. That would show him!

Join the girlfriend = second to all games...

You're not a gamer if you only play games on your ipod....

iamchuck 0

He didn't say have sex, just have some fun. Your fault for trying to read extra meaning into what he said. ATTENTION WOMEN: THERE IS NO HIDDEN MEANING TO WHAT SAY.

Hahaha. It's true, women always think guys are saying one thing but meaning another...But 95% of the time, they're saying just what they mean. :P

YupThatsLiv 0

doodle jump is amazing.. so this isn't a FML this is a boyfriend of a person who has amazing taste in games... besides angry birds... that's not so fun

iTzAeroz 0

YDI for for not being able to deuce him