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Either he was joking or that's nacho boyfriend anymore.

Your boyfriend sounds like a prick.


Your boyfriend sounds like a prick.

An immature prick at that.

Well to be honest, if he was a prick she would have probably known by now. My guess is he's just being a bit of an ass and joking around with you!

Every pretty girl deserves to go to a ball.

I say any girl deserves to go to a ball, but that's just me.

no he sounds like the whole cactus.

I'm thinking someone took his least talk to him first before jumping to conclusions OP. Best of luck!!

87, what if Hitler was a girl?

Hitler wasn't pretty.

The thing is though, nobody wants someone who is constantly serious... A boy is supposed to be immature. That's what we do, and have fun with it! Take your relationship less seriously

Well that was a lil rude. Whatta douche.

He's obvs too stupid to come up with a good answer, you probably shouldn't want him anymore

Obvs? And you're calling someone else stupid..

#30 she's 15 you expect anything less?

When I was 15 I used perfect grammar and spelling. Just because someone is young doesn't automatically mean they can't spell.

taco taco burrito

and everyone on this site is pretty much an asshole and don't mind acting like it.

52 don't you mean talko talko?

60, that's what happens when people are able to post anonymously to a crowd of individuals they're likely never going to come into contact with.

That is rather childish. Is he always this immature? FYL

That has to be the best way to say no ever

He should know burritos aren't even true Mexican food. Smh.

Burritos are mexican, it's food like carne asada chips/fries that are not even found in Mexico (just southern Cali).

#88, As someone that lives in SoCal, it might as well be Mexico. On average, at least half of the population here is Mexican (legal and illegal). just an observation I've made.

I would know :) I'm a mexican-american who lives 15min from the border ^_^

Actually you can find those in Mexico and burritos aren't Mexican. This is coming from someone who has lived in Mexico.

Burritos aren't Mexican food.

Either he was joking or that's nacho boyfriend anymore.

i see what you did there #7! :D

I don't think you'll be able to taco 'bout it either, OP.

Either he really hates balls/parties or hes 12 years old i'm guessing.

I've never met a man that's hated balls.

weeeeell.. he is a guy.. most don't like to dance.. but he just could've said "no". on the other hand, you've been together for two years, in a relationship you have to give and take. if he doesn't wanna do this for you, I'd rethink my relationship if I were you. unless you don't do anything for him.. then you two deserve eachother (:

Well, for one, ever watched Harry Potter? Neville loved to dance, guess what? He's a guy. Two, I'm pretty sure the giving and taking goes both ways. And three, I think his message was pretty clear, and there is no relationship to rethink. (:

Harry Potter is fiction.

it was a valid example plenty of guys love to dance. How many female break dancers do you know of?

I watched a female break dancer win a dance competition a few months ago.... There's a lot of B-Girls...

But did you explain that he could be the one to dress up as Batman?

I've been waiting for someone to make that reference haha