By rollergirl13 - United States - Fairbanks
Today, I texted my boyfriend of two years and asked if he wanted to go to ball with me. His response was "The person you are trying to message cancelled their phone service and moved to Mexico. Taco taco burrito." I'll take that as a no. FML
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  TheTacoMan  |  24

The thing is though, nobody wants someone who is constantly serious... A boy is supposed to be immature. That's what we do, and have fun with it! Take your relationship less seriously


#88, As someone that lives in SoCal, it might as well be Mexico. On average, at least half of the population here is Mexican (legal and illegal). just an observation I've made.

By  Cass_x  |  22

weeeeell.. he is a guy.. most don't like to dance.. but he just could've said "no". on the other hand, you've been together for two years, in a relationship you have to give and take. if he doesn't wanna do this for you, I'd rethink my relationship if I were you. unless you don't do anything for him.. then you two deserve eachother (:


Well, for one, ever watched Harry Potter? Neville loved to dance, guess what? He's a guy. Two, I'm pretty sure the giving and taking goes both ways. And three, I think his message was pretty clear, and there is no relationship to rethink. (: