By Anonymous - 11/01/2014 18:52 - Dominican Republic - Santo Domingo

Today, and every other night since my new neighbors moved in two weeks ago, their cat has been standing outside my house meowing constantly up at my window, where my cat keeps standing and meowing back. It's like a feline version of Romeo and Juliet, and I can't sleep. FML
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That is actually adorable. Or it would be if you weren't having your sleep disturbed..

Let's hope it doesn't end like Romeo and Juliet.


That is actually adorable. Or it would be if you weren't having your sleep disturbed..

Romeo and Juliet killed themselves in a stupid way hopefully ops cat does the same.

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Or make a video series, put it on youtube and make some $$$

It's adorable until they both kill themselves..

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let your cat out so he can go there instead.

Not everyone wants to let their cats out. It can be dangerous and outdoor cats live considerably shorter lives than indoor cats.

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Thats is so ridiculously untrue. Unless they get hit by a car or something, a cat is an outdoors animal. You know how they live long and stay healthy? By hunting and eating other animals. Kibble wont do your cat as much good as a nice fat pidgeon or rabbit.

Also, if it's a neighborhood, the animals may have to stay in at night.

HowAreYouToday 34

true. then op should ask the neighbir to keep their cat inside

OP, if your cat is strictly indoor maybe you can invite the other in so they can meet. Check with the neighbors first regarding health concerns, temperament, etc.. If that's not an option, look for deterrent sprays/powders that might keep your cat away from the windows. If they can't see each other or hear one another's meows as well, they'll give up.

#18 - That's nonsense. I had an outdoor cat that lived close on 20 years.

Let's hope it doesn't end like Romeo and Juliet.

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They both got 9 lives so it's all good ;D

My cat has nine lives. There's a whole stack of nine lives cat food on the shelf next to the kitty treats. It's not a myth! There really is a 9 lives brand of cat food. Unless you were referring to reincarnation.

Don't worry: That means they'll both end up dead as a result of their love.

Yeah ! Pets dying ! That's cheering up material !

What do you mean spoiler, it's not like the play doesn't tell you from the start its gonna end in tears.

I sure hope they won't end up like Romeo and Juliet

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Even the OP beat you to it... From a certain point of view.

Put your cat in a different room or if it has to sleep with you have the shades closed and then ear plugs are another option...

They have these things that shoot compressed air out when the movement sensor is tripped that work really well for keeping cats (and other pesky animals) away. I recommend putting one of those outside where the other cat hangs out. Or one can buy wolf urine. But that's kind of gross and it might make ALL cats and dogs in/around the area freak out.

I might use that if my cat has an issue like that...

I can also think of a quick-fix that'll fix most cat problems that involves compressed air

Two cats walk into a room I lied it was a gas chamber... That's heartless...

Shut the window... With your cat on the outside!

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Get your cat a harness/leash and let it out to visit? They can chat and you can sleep, win-win.