By cmolloy - 21/12/2011 14:40 - Ireland

Today, I texted a friend offering my condolences over the death of his grandfather. He hadn't been told his grandfather had died yet. FML
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hippityhopp 2

How did you find out?

flockz 19

"erm..... i uh, i meant your grandfather clock.... uh ya it fell over and died." then run.


hippityhopp 2

How did you find out?

tehrealone 6

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I love ruining things.

I party for your grandfathers death? Jeez that's cøld...

29, *A surprise party for your grandfather's death? That's cold.*

Ugh, grammar nazis :/

Nice S/C 3800 gtp.

Ydi for having a friend that has a grandfather.

Thanks! I love my gtp to death!!!

56- Thy comment made my day, sirrah.

OhSoBashful 0

There onve

27 a surprise party really? this is not a happy occasion???? use your noggin'

That must have been the most awkward conversation ever...

Well they had to find out some time...

How did you find out before he did?

Facebook duh.

I found out the death of my grandmother from my ex who say my cousins post on Facebook -__- not the best way to find out...and I was at work

Maybe he was using the Freudian defense mechanism of denial or repression? Woot psych 100

boredblonde 17

Poor kid:-( I was so sad when my grandpa died... I can't imagine hearing about the death for the first time from a friend...

I can't imagine finding out from a friend. It was hard enough to find out from the family, poor guy

It seems like OP was close friends with the family maybe that's how he found out before his friend. But that's why I would always call or just wait till I see them in person

Cool story yo

KiddNYC1O 20

I spoke to mine over the phone from a different country during his final hours. Very overwhelming and sad.

sweet2u22 9

Poor guy. That's a terrible way to find out.

flockz 19

"erm..... i uh, i meant your grandfather clock.... uh ya it fell over and died." then run.

But flockz, he texted him! He must shut off his phone service and hide before he can track OP!

Babydoll4ever 7


Oi, Everybody is allowed a few bad comments every now and again. I admit, I have been slacking, but that's because I've been busy with other things.

Just like Nacho Libre! You were on "dead guy duty."

Did you text the wrong friend? That would have been awkward.


linkinpark98 23

Poor guy. :(