By Whatever01 - United States
Today, I called off work saying my Great Grandmother died. A co-worker texted me later asking where and when the funeral was. I made up a lie and said some random funeral home and date. My co-workers sent flowers to the funeral home for condolences. The flowers were returned. FML
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By  Kassad_fml  |  0

Fuck no, that just can not happen.. you could come up with just simple lie but that just stupidness, you did really get bad reputation on yourself among your co workers

  KY_Jelly  |  10

You're calling the OP stupid and yet you can't spell 'sorry to say' properly. You really make me sick. Before long people are going to be writing novels using phrases like 'omg wtf' and 'lmao rofl'. Honestly, learn English. Please. For yourself and the people around you who have to put up with your stupidity. That is all, thank you.

By  shantoyamuchluv  |  0

I mean really who the FUCK says that their great grandma died? If you're going to be a douchebag, why not say it was your grandma or aunt? I mean come on now. At least then you'll only be a douchebag instead of a stupid douchebag.

  poorjudgement  |  26

Well, while I have no words for what OP did, it is possible that all great grandmothets have been dead, which probably wasn't the case woth grandmothers and/or autns, and OP felt better "killing" someone already dead.
That said... There is special place in hell for people lying abouth deaths.