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Today, my boss screamed at me for almost an hour because, apparently, I hurt my coworker's feelings when I stopped speaking to her after finding out that she was sleeping with my boyfriend. FML
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OP here. Wasn't really expecting this one to get posted. To everyone who's asked- yes, he's my ex now. I didn't think it would make as much sense if I'd said she slept with my ex-boyfriend. And yes, I did lose my job over this. Said coworker and I were very good friends before all of this, hence the 'no longer speaking to her' part. I didn't simply stand there and get screamed at the entire time. I tried to give my side of the story and explain why I'd stopped talking to my coworker, but my boss just kept interrupting me and yelling, "I don't care!" and telling me I was full of shit. I eventually just left when she outright called me a liar. It was a small, locally owned business- so no union rep to call- and my coworker and I had two very separate jobs that didn't really require any interaction. I still spoke to her when I had to, if it had something to do with work. Apparently, she'd been going to our boss after I left for the day- who knows how often- crying about what a bitch I was and how unfair I was being, and saying that all of it was my fault to begin with. The boss even claimed that my coworker would need therapy because of me, and said that just my presence at the shop was making it impossible for her to do her job. The full story is obviously way too long for a single FML, so you can see why a lot of the details got cut.

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littlelemur 2

maybe your boss also slept with him...

Why did you stand there and take it for an hour? The minute my boss starts giving me shit about my personal life is the minute I get my union rep on the phone. You better do it now. FYL


littlelemur 2

maybe your boss also slept with him...

I have to wonder what dog your boss has in this hunt to get so irate with this very personal issue.

agreed... apparently she gets around... but i hope you're not just mad at her. it takes two to tango. ;D

And three or more to end up on the Internet in the form of a sex-tape faster.

awww that sux and it is totally not fair!

Your boss is a jerk, but it would decrease productivity in the workplace

Why did you stand there and take it for an hour? The minute my boss starts giving me shit about my personal life is the minute I get my union rep on the phone. You better do it now. FYL


In Soviet Russia, the Union ***** you!

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I don't think the boss cared about the OP's personal issues. The boss most likely only cared that the issue was being brought to work thereby decreasing productivity. If two coworkers stop working together over a personal issue I'd be upset too if I were the boss. On a side note: OP you should move past this with your coworker or find a new job b/c a scummy boyfriend (hopefully ex-boyfriend now) is not worth hurting and possibly losing your job over. Plus, you can then focus all your energy on hating your boyfriend.

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I'm hoping the OP is a big wuss and never spoke up as to why she stopped speaking to the coworker. Because no sane human being would expect someone to interact with someone who had slept with their boyfriend. This stuff is the reason HR was invented. Seriously. No boss can just yell at you for not socializing with a coworker after what happened.

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key word: sane. doesn't sound like the boss is anywhere close to that!

Why is your boyfriend still your boyfriend? HE's the one who cheated on you, not her.

I agree that, without more info, it would seem that its her boyfriend who is most guilty here, considering her co-worker is complaining about getting the cold shoulder (which she should still understand unless she is stupid). If her co-worker DID know that they were a couple and still slept with her boyfriend, she would not only be stupid, but a bitch as well and deserve a little more than just a cold shoulder. Anyways, sucks for you OP. Hope you did come back at your boss with what your issues were.

well, tell him she hurt UR feelings. dont let the dumb bitch get away with it

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beat that bitch up, so she can say u hurt her feeling

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well I'd think u mean ur ex boyfriend now becuz if u don't do anything bout it then u prob don't care

And, did your boss actually know the whole situation? If not, I can understand how they would be upset about conflicts in the office. If the boss knows, then you need to speak to HR about the unprofessional way your boss handled the situation. Im all for keeping your private life out of your workplace, but when your workplace shoves it's nose (or ******) into your private life, something needs to give. I would discuss with HR the issue going on. It's obviously going to affect your "professional relationship" with this coworker. HR should understand that and deal with the situation.

Yes, what #10 said, completely. There might also be long-term ramifications to her career if she doesn't get away from this maniac who clearly has it in for her. Whether or not the boss knew the whole story, this was not right. Only way it MIGHT be understandable, though still not okay, is if this is a part of the big picture of problems that the OP created at work -- and we don't know that this is the case. While, yes, we don't know the whole story, there are some things you just don't do, particularly at work, and this boss's behavior would be one of them.

idkweird, I couldn't have said it any better myself. OP, I hope you either explained the situation to him if he didn't know, or went straight to HR after if he did. Or punched them both in the face and walked out. You know, whatever works.