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Today, an old man wanted to return a fryer. The box had blood smears all over it, so I told him no. He became irate and demanded a manager. Management said, "Hell no and don't touch that box." When I came back, he was licking a paper towel and attempting to wipe off the blood. FML
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Your comments are hilarious. I love the murderer theories. First off, for those guessing this is walmart, you're correct! I almost died laughing. Okay, he had handed me a receipt and I noticed a drop of blood in it. I had just had a red pen leak and thought it was from that. Then I looked at the box. And I stood there going "ummmm...whats going on?" And the old man holds up his arm showing a nickel sized cut that is bleeding profusely. I wasn't sure how to handle such a situation. It's not every day someone tries to return something with blood all over it. So I excused myself to seek a manager. The manager didn't believe me at first. But I told him again and he realized I was serious. After he saw the box in question, he said to the man that he would not even allow me to touch the box. The man was very angry, citing that he had the receipt and everything that came with it. No, I never opened the box. I didn't touch it at all. He tried to get other customers on his side but one said "dude that's blood. I don't blame them. People are touchy about blood. You never know." And then he suggested I should be extra careful because I appeared to be pregnant (which I am not, just really bloated). The old man said "yeah alright" and left without further incident. I went to tell the managers about the second part (where I came back and he was wiping off the box) and they smiled in disbelief and the higher manager said "yeah, we're never returning that" which meant more work for me having to put notes on the registers letting the others know we are not going to return it and why.

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Did you ever find out what the blood was from?

OP I report him, because that's either a murder crime evidence or someone forgot it was their week


Did you ever find out what the blood was from?

MasterTron 24

Do we really want to know?

Food that tasted so good slappin' mama wasn't enough. D:

Probably some serial killer shit.

Most likely it was just animal blood, but it's much more exciting to pretend he's a serial killer.

I guess you could aay you caught him red handed

Lol something like that.

OP I report him, because that's either a murder crime evidence or someone forgot it was their week

Hopefully it's the latter . . .

They never said it wasn't animal blood. It's possible that someone was stupid enough to put in a still bloody carcass.

Are you stupid? How do you come to the conclusion that it's one of those two things?

LOL I love your imagination.

Because that's the smart thing to do.

Well then...that's quite disturbing. My first thought is he's trying to get rid of evidence

That's gross OP. I hope your work isn't like that in the near future :)

Definitely not. It's a once in a lifetime occurrence.

Sounds like the starting scene for a horror movie... My goodness

Dahmer... Walmart chronicles

_awwhellnaw_ 45

This raises so many questions... It's disturbing