By sheilob - 24/03/2012 23:06 - Australia - Camden

Today, I witnessed my husband swat a coffee bean over and over again, all the while mistaking it for a fly. I then figured he probably has a lower IQ than I do, which wouldn't be so bad if mine wasn't a few points away from minor retardation. FML
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You two are perfect for each other :)

yesyesnonono 10

It's because you didn't spell it "LEEROOOOOOOY JEEEEEENKIIIIIINS!!!"


You two are perfect for each other :)

But I hope they don't breed

OP, Please tell me you have no plans to reproduce and plague the world with your idiot offspring.

Are they by chance Democrats?

#37, I'm almost sure their brain isn't capable of planning something so complex.

ThisIsMyReign 4

Would be fine but, you said minor retardation. My brother has down syndrome and I bet he is smarter then you. OP choose your words wisely next time. Not to be a dick but defending his honor.

snookie shouldnt even be breeding.

Ok I think im the only one that thinks that two really stupid people would have amazing sex.

In some cultures it's considered a form of foreplay.

74 would you prefer her to use the non-technical term?

74 -it's called minor retardation then mild then profound.OP is right.

ThisIsMyReign 4

Read it wrong I was drunk, sorry about that.

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juturnaamo 29

It changed in the UK and US, it's now "Intellectually disabled"

Nah even flies know how to hump


Is his name leeroy jenkins?

kickassblackbelt 0

Nice grammar. You should start a blog.


Please, point out any errors you can see in my post. Are you referencing the fact that I didn't capitalize "Leeroy Jenkins?"

kickassblackbelt 0

Before or after you changed your comment? Lol.

yesyesnonono 10

It's because you didn't spell it "LEEROOOOOOOY JEEEEEENKIIIIIINS!!!"

jennytay 0


Why are you depleting brain cells watching his imbecile acts of frustration ?

My brain cells depleted from reading that...

kickassblackbelt 0

Blonde moments :)

FMLshark 12

Judging by OP stating how low her IQ is, she probably knows she doesn't have many brain cells to lose.

Those darn blonde moments always catch ya by surprise the sneaky bastards e_e

Oh dear God please don't breed

I would probably do that too...

Just be careful, he might be making out with a lamp next

zxPenguin 0

Or he'll have sex with an electrical socket.

Both will turn him on real well

Or he might run his hands over splinters just to remember how that feels like.

80 - I see wut u did, thar.

Sounds like a match made in heaven.

Perhaps put a great effort into learning new and interesting material to you. Devotion will take you as far as you want to go! And with enough effort, you can do practically anything that you want to do! I know this sounds a little cliché like, but it's true for the most part. Just dont set your standards too high at the beginning!

your husband sounds like he needs to visit the optometrist

Or the psychologist.

obviousboy 8

Please don't have kids. There are enough idiots in this world already.

That was rude! What a mean thing to say! What are you?

12, you stole the words right out of my mouth. and no it's not mean it's true

perdix 29

He must have thought he was a bad-ass fly swatter -- he nailed that sucker every time!

awepeach 3

Oh Perdix, you are always so pithy and snarky. You remind me of a gawker commenter. (Not a bad thing to me!)

Oh perdix, how we love you so.

Perdix's comment was standard, if it was posted under any other name you wouldn't be complimenting it. Have some self respect.

booozle93 0

Who is perdix???

awepeach 3

This is true. I like how you picked up on it. For months now, in my spare time, I've been using the fml app on my phone without an account. As I scrolled through the comments, Perdix stood out to me, There was a very funny one from ages ago, but I didn't feel like leafing through all the old fml's, so I went to the nearest Perdix comment I could find. I just like smart people and to let them know they make me laugh and I appreciate it. You seem pretty clever too...

perdix 29

Thank you, #31 and #68, for your compliments! #31, I'll take your compliment in the best possible light :)

The thing is, he was continuously swatting it, which means he kept missing it. I'm guessing he thought that was the smartest damn fly ever - it got away from him each time.