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By Dante - 30/11/2009 07:07 - United States

Today, I got the repair estimate for my car. It's going to cost me $3,000 to rebuild the front end. It was wrecked because a couple decided to have a lovers' spat in the middle of the freeway. I had that car for exactly four hours. FML
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benjamingeiger 0

Maybe the couple swerved into the OP's lane?

Seriously, YDI for not having insurance which, by the way, is ILLEGAL NOT TO HAVE. If you had insurance this would only cost you whatever your deductible is.

While it's moronic to not have insurance, there are places where it's not mandatory. Also, where it is mandatory, it's usually liability insurance that is mandatory, it's rarely mandatory to have insurance to cover your own damages.

maybe the lights were green on his road so he went and the couple went when they had the red light and he hit them on their side, or maybe it was head on when they were on the other side of the road and they went into his lane and hey had one of those cages that go on the front of the car. I know those were banned but my mum had a car and it was allowed on the front because it was made before they were banned and they dont make to take it off. You have to think of these things.

A lot of insurances don't cover everything. Maybe he can't afford every type of insurance and just has basic.

People are missing th FML here. OP crashed his car and didn't have an insurance because he HAD the car for 4 hours, which means he WOULD have made the insurance policy the next day or something.

dudeitsdanny 9

I know in California you need to have proof of insurance or something to buy a car. At least i think so since I know they asked my dad for it when he bought a new car.

If you already own a car: your existing car's insurance covers any new cars you buy for 30 days. If you don't already own a car: you can't buy a car without obtaining a "binder". That binds you to buy insurance. That would cover your car from the moment you bought it until you finished buying the insurance. There's no reason/its illegal to be uninsured from the moment you bought the car. Of course this is only liability.

The op had the car for 4 hours. This meaning, he could have been going to get his insurance or he had not had time to get insurance on it yet but had to drive it because maybe it was his only means of transportation. This happened with my car except I was pulled over cause I didn't have a plate yet and they then checked for insurance. They understood the circumstances and I went and got insurance proof and the plate later that day. Think of different scenarios before you click FYL or YDI

He only had the car for four hours..... Maybe not enough time to get car insurance? Should have called the general! Lol

vndiel 0

I was under the impression you could not drive a car off the lot if you didn't have at least some kind of insurance, if you found a way around it, you totally deserved this.

benjamingeiger 0

You need liability insurance in most states, but that doesn't cover your own car. If it was the other driver's fault, their insurance should cover it... IF they have any. Car loans almost always require comprehensive insurance. If it was a used car, then it's possible that the OP paid cash and therefore didn't need full-coverage insurance. Besides, even with full-coverage insurance, there are deductibles to consider. It's possible (but unlikely) that there's a $3,000 deductible. It's a FYL in any case.

Basic insurance doesn't cover your own vehicle guys, which is what I'm assuming OP has since that's the most common. And don't expect OP to have better insurance cause that shit's expensive. But if OP didn't track down this couple and get their insurance info then OPDI. Though with the kind of accident OP was in to cause that kind of damage, and the knowledge OP possesses about how it happened, I'm guessing OP met said couple, and exchanged info. Something's not right here, I'm confused.

Nomad609 0

(off topic) the new FML on iphone rocks! definitely better than the other one. anyway, OP if its their fault, its their liability

If it's their fault, their insurance will cover it. However, by the sound of it, you rear-ended them. So, either you were following too closely and they hit the brakes, or they were stopped in the middle of the road and you weren't paying attention and/or going too fast (a good speed is one that allows you to avoid obstacles in the road).

joshdenty 7

Not necessarily. If they were in the highway and they swerved directly in front of/stopped suddenly there's no way op could slow down in time to avoid rear ending them. Just because the law says it's your fault doesn't mean it's your fault, insurance is just lazy like that.

youthink_fml 0

If you know they were having a lover's spat, you got info from them, they're at fault and will have to pay. If you have to pay, then the accident must have been your fault and you don't have insurance, which would make it YDI.

perdix 29

I hope that they were in a car. If hitting 2 people caused $3000 worth of damage to your car, either you have a piece of shit car or those people have WAY too much iron in their diets!

And is that supposed to mean that they careened into your vehicle because they made a moving violation or that you slammed into their car because you weren't being careful enough? Thanks for giving people the ability tell the difference... NOT! You should've had insurance though, bozo. You may not have had the paperwork done for the regular stuff yet, but temporary insurance shouldn't be that much of a problem.

heatherfeather 4

im pretty sure they were gettin jiggy with it on da street and then the OP tried to avoid them and hit a concrete wall