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  Today, while on vacation with my boyfriend, I decided it would be a good time to try getting intimate with him for the first time. It turns out his penis is so small that I get more enjoyment from a tampon applicator. We're stuck in this cabin for another 5 days. FML
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  azouwa  |  26

I'm sure it's too big for THAT lol

  mrsstimmer  |  13

FML community: “You are a slut if you put it out soon”

Also FML community: “You are dumb if if you dont have sex before a holiday”

She clearly has her priorities wrong. If she actually likes this guy she’d see that the 5 days would be a perfect opportunity to explore eachother and teach him how you like to be pleasured and vise versa.

By  manb91uk  |  22

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  pinkuser626  |  17

wow bitter much?

  Rabite  |  28

So how is your sex life going? You know the one where you are constantly having bad sex because if you have the desire to have good one, you are dumb.

By  azouwa  |  26

You should start doing kegals. Tighten it up a bit. You can do them while driving, walking, sitting... ect. They also help with incontinence for later in life. ;-)

By  Surewhatever  |  35

So, if a woman is disappointed by her lover's endowments... she's generally labeled as a superficial slutbag with a vag that can easily land a 747? Ever hear of preferences? Sure there are many toys, oral and fingers are nice...Several of my friends are more than happy with that. But for some that's just not as satisfying. What's wrong with craving a whole body connection, inside and out, that might even have the possibility of leaving you a little sore...with lingering sensations that bring you back to it over and over? I don't think I'm horribly shallow, but people are allowed sexual preferences. A tiny penis would be a deal-breaker. Not because I'm "cavernous," more because I would feel sorry for the guy and would want to pet it and say "awwww, how cute!" And pity just doesn't lead to passion and desire, which I consider important. To all the ladies that love the teeny-weenies, gods blessings to ya! Go make some man very happy! And if you don't, let's lay off the instant slut-labeling?

  Mynxie  |  26

I agree. If my boyfriend's penis was too small that I can't even feel it go in, and trust me my few exes will agree when I say I am so far from loose, then it would not work. Lack of a healthy sex life can lead to hurt feelings and possible cheating. And I am going to guess they haven't been together long if this is the first time for intimacy. I don't think she is shallow. Good luck with whatever you decide.