By Minecraftwhyyy - 22/08/2012 15:13 - United States

Today, my boyfriend and I reached that point in our relationship where just a simple phone conversation was too boring. His idea to spice things up? Playing Minecraft together. FML
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sniperkit 10

I see no problems here. Or maybe it's that you don't actually talk anymore..


I agree! I dont see anything wrong with that. My boyfriend and I play online games/games together all the time, it's actually quite fun :) Give it a go OP you never know - you might become addicted :P

Maybe they can take it to the next setting up a tekkit server!

mduffy08 8

Woodysgamertag suggested that a few days ago

LiesAndMischief 4

Dude, seriously. That would be like my perfect idea for a date. But then again, not all girls are video game nerds like me. Just politely suggest something different, OP?

countryrose92 23

My boyfriend and I met on Xbox live so playin games online is the perfect idea of a date for us. Give it a go. Games are fun and mine craft is awesome.

I like minecraft hahaha. I play with my bro if I'm bored, when I'm away at university, it's a nice way to bond seeing as we really haven't much in common otherwise.

For me its the other way around. I am an online gamer and I can't ever get my boyfriend to play with me :(

They should go to The End together and fight the enderdragon. WIN!

Thats what me and my ex did! Until he "fell in love" with a girl on the server from Canada... Stupid....

Or they could drink Koolaid together. Oh yeah!

lexi365 20

Your boyfriend sounds awesome! I love that game!

countryrose92 23

You should totally try castle crashers!! Awesome game. Our 4 year old daughter plays it with us too. :)

me and my boyfriend play minecraft and it has brought us closer together.

My boyfriend and I tried this. It turned into cuddle time within 5 minutes. It works OP. It works.

LiyIa_fml 8

Sounds like a good date to me. I wish I could find someone who would play video games with me.

taffy1239 3

I wish my boyfriend would have fought the enderdragon with me. It would have saved a lot of time.

sniperkit 10

I see no problems here. Or maybe it's that you don't actually talk anymore..

Agreed. No problem here. My boyfriend and I play world of warcraft together, and it's fun. Don't be so stubborn, OP.

sniperkit 10

World of Warcraft? Yes. So much yes.

I wish I knew a girl that plays videogames... The ones I know care about shoes, phones and have boyfriends that are 4-7 years older than them...

sniperkit 10

41- It's because we tend to stay in our bedrooms playing games, therefore we're not out in public a lot. Or maybe that's just me. Protip: 90% of people that say "suck my dick" are actually female.

True that. I played wow with my bf but it got so boring. Now we play lol and in a few days, gw2, together :D better than having to not play at all.

Minecraft is pretty fun too though :D

sniperkit 10

Glory to the Alliance! /shot by hordie Naw, it's not like it'd do anything. I'm a feral druid, so I tend to gank n tank.

I'm a major gamer and the most I've gone is...4 years older than me lol

nublets 12

I have found my people T.T what is this sorcery? Btw.. FOR THE HORDE! :D

63, You and your boyfriend are full of win. If I knew a girl who played gw2 or Lol, i would do literrally anything. Including dressing up as a pirate.

41, Where i am, there are some girls who enjoy games, but it's the type who do it to attract attention, or who are realy bad. Either MW2 players, (MWanything sucks) or fail MC players. So close, yet soooo far.

nublets 12

114- a pirate like gangplank? Or missfortune? :p

115- video game haters are not allowed in this thread. Mw2 is a perfectly good game except for all the hackers and tenth lobbies. It should also have zombies instead of spec ops but beggars can't be choosers.

Don't get me wrong WoW is a great game but it got old and cataclysm is just a no in my opinion. I prefer playing League Of Legends now it's much simpler but still takes time to learn and get used to but so much fun!

And it shows you are really compatible if you enjoy it together. Play together - stay together!

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MexicanGinger 5

At least you guys will kill time and have fun together :)

I play minecraft with my boyfriend all the time, and I'm normally the one to ask him if we can play...

Something I've noticed on the app. A lot of girls who aren't married show their title as "misses". Misses = Mrs.

that would be the fml teams fault :) if I'm not mistaken "miss" isn't an option :)

weeabaka 6

72 - Your title is 'Miss'. Are you sure it isn't an option?

Well I only ever use the app and Miss is an option.

Seeing as on my profile, as far as I can see, my title is in fact 'Miss', I'm not sure why this was brought up...

Also 37, on the app it says you are a 'Miss' and yet your bio says you are happily married. This may just be a problem with the app, but really, who cares.?

Really? Yeah it must be an app thing then. oh well.

It always irks me that womens' titles depend on their marital status yet men's don't. When you are introducing yourself to someone is it really neccissary that they know that information? It's the 21st century, women can be individuals. We don't have to be known as so-and-so's wife or what's-his-face's daughter. That's why I'm keeping my last name when I get married. Anyways, fem-rant over.

gunmania0 12

My girlfriend loves it. Shame she's trying to be an interior designer on it. It's hard with cubes.

This is an excellent idea! Playing video games with SO is awesome. Stop complaining.