By Aliiiice - France - Offranville
Today, I started doing it again. I'd given up for years, but when I saw the pack I just couldn't help myself. One taste was enough to make me finish off the whole pack. Nobody knows that I've fallen off the wagon and I'm so ashamed of myself. Today, I began eating my cat's biscuits again. FML
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  Uramonkey  |  11

Would have been more of an FML if they started smoking again. It's not like eating cat food will turn you into a cat. Plus there are no giveaways like smokers breath/clothes but how should I know. I don't eat cat food! :p

By  maniaccy  |  8

And this doesn't physically hurt you anywhere?


It most certainly does. There's an episode of My Strange Addiction with a woman who had a history of eating cat food and treats and the medical expert told her that she was basically asking for cancer and that the "meat" used in pet foods is the leftover parts that aren't for human consumption.

  JordanDempsey  |  20

I LOVE baby food :}