By Aliiiice - 16/07/2013 13:18 - France - Offranville

Today, I started doing it again. I'd given up for years, but when I saw the pack I just couldn't help myself. One taste was enough to make me finish off the whole pack. Nobody knows that I've fallen off the wagon and I'm so ashamed of myself. Today, I began eating my cat's biscuits again. FML
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ShananaginsLOL 13

I love the way you worded that.

Oh, now THIS is an FML I'd like to see a comic for.


What a cat-astrophy! Lol....... Sorry had to say it!

Finally an FML that isn't the same as all the other ones.

you have cat to be kitten me right meow

You are so good with puns, I'm just scratching the surface.

Cat-egorically speaking, these puns are very a-mew-sing!

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

dude this is the most story book sounding fml ever! so much suspense! and the way its set up... brilliant!

I seriously thought I was reading six billion secrets when I read this FML.

CallMeWindSock 24

My mind while reading this: oh no, she's smoking, oh wait, is it just gum? It's just gu- what the ****.

Meow can someone explain what #1 was talking about. I don't knit it.

Oh, now THIS is an FML I'd like to see a comic for.

At first, I thought to myself.. Smoking... lol, whatever, no big deal. Then Iams like.. That's ******.

Would have been more of an FML if they started smoking again. It's not like eating cat food will turn you into a cat. Plus there are no giveaways like smokers breath/clothes but how should I know. I don't eat cat food! :p

...was I the only one who thought it was gonna be twinkies?

142:Bet then "iams" like? hehehehe? ok, sorry.

#144, you got me, smoking turned me into a cigarette!

ShananaginsLOL 13

I love the way you worded that.

Damian95 16

It was very suspenseful. I didn't see it coming.

Allennis44 16

We've hit the weird part of FML. I didn't even know there was one.

boycrazy30007 12

Are you that lady from my strange addiction

I thought the exact same thing when I read this.

BradTheBrony 19

More like a MEW meaning, eh?

ileenefudge 29

Lets not bring pokemon into this...

maniaccy 8

And this doesn't physically hurt you anywhere?

Great observation, you deserve a medal.

Pretty sure he/she was asking a legitimate question.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

for real....idk why 5 is being thumbed down. he was basically saying op has no reason to complain...its not killing em.

It most certainly does. There's an episode of My Strange Addiction with a woman who had a history of eating cat food and treats and the medical expert told her that she was basically asking for cancer and that the "meat" used in pet foods is the leftover parts that aren't for human consumption.

Depending on op's location, I know the EU requires all cat and dog food to be suitable for human consumption, so no harm there.

It's a federal law that all animal / pet foods be safe for human consumption. Just FYI.

I like to say I know how your feline but I don't

Fml Rule #546: Grammer doesn't matter if your pun is good.

Fair play, 98. There wasn't a pun involved.

If this pun is still considered good, then 'why did the chicken cross the road' must still be funny, too. It's not. ******* cat puns are dead people.

Woah, woah, 125! Let's just paws for a second and think this through.

Why'd fightmyligar cross the road... He couldn't get his dick out of the chicken

#134 - I don't get it, but I salute your originality.

You went from hissing at cat puns to saluting a "why did the chicken cross the road" joke as original? Fur real, I don't get it.

Well cats are picky picky animals, even about their food. If you had to choose an animal's biscuits, better to choose the one that looks down on all the others!