By Emmaraine189 - 28/04/2016 02:22 - Canada - Winnipeg

Today, I saw my cat licking something on the side of the road and went to check what it was. It was someone's old cigarette. I now know why she wants to be let out so often: She's addicted to nicotine. FML
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Some people actually teach their dogs to smoke. Anything can get addicted. What likely happened is the cat found one and started batting it around then chewed it and overtime became addicted. Not sure how to help stop it though other than keep the cat inside.

#16 Why would somebody teach their dog to smoke?

Guess you'll have to leave a nicotine patch on the floor to help.

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OP,"Cat... I think you have a nicotine problem."

I think you're reading into that way too much, it's probably just a cat licking a cigarette bud

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Yea. I'm sure he can stop anytime he wants to and he just chooses not to right??

Maybe she's addicted to licking dirty paper. Cats are mysterious things.

You're kidding right? A person doesn't smoke because they are addicted to the burning tobacco. They are addicted to the nicotine in the tobacco.

She could just want to be let out so often because she's a cat and... cats like to be outside?

Not true. My car hated to be outside. Only way to get him out was to carry him. Even pretend to put him down outside and he would let his claws out to dig in.

then he was just scared of the outside world because he didn't know it since he was a baby

First it's cigarettes, then it will be heroin. Your cat is going down a dark road.

Get your cat a vape pen :P. In all seriousness don't let your cat out anymore.

cats are already know to be assholes. last thing we need is them vaping

I own 6 cats and I find that they just really like the smell of cigarettes.