By alekoi - 14/05/2015 03:15 - United States - Shelton

Today, my window broke and will not close. My room is in a wooded area. I've already chased out two squirrels and a bird and it's only been an hour. I'm afraid I'm gonna wake up like Snow White with all sorts of wildlife sleeping with me. FML
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Op here, and you guys are hilarious! I diddnt think this would get published! Thought I'd do I follow up. My room isn't actually attached to the house and because my parents think its too hilarious they wont let me come in to the main house, and they won't help me fix it. Lol but I did try to cover it with a blanket, and of course it rained. So now I'm soaked because my bed is directly underneath but hey no more wildlife! I did try to refrain from singing, and kept away from apples so I think I'm safe! But seriously you guys are all hilarious, totally made my day!

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Maybe don't eat any apples for the next few days...


Take the door off the hinges and use that

But then they would come in through the door :( my room is by itself, the door protects me from bigger wildlife!

Maybe don't eat any apples for the next few days...

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.... but “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

A apple a day will keep anything away if you throw it hard enough

If the doctor is cute, screw the fruit.

Sing to them and they will leave. Isn't that what they usually do in those tales?

Just wait until you have seven men watching you sleep.

Oh and OP if an old witch knocks on your door and offers you an apple don't eat it!

I wasn't worried until now.. Well, no more sleep for me!

Sounds like a wonderful way to wake up OP

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I Would suggest to use gorilla tape and thick polyester sheet to cover it. It will help you for sure.

#18 I know what you did there. Good one!!

She doesn't need gorillas either I agree

That's a battle you can't win. Give up the bedroom and retreat to the living room. Chase out accumulated wildlife in the morning and get the window fixed ASAP!

Sleeping with or next to you? There is a crucial difference.

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I think you already need help...

And this is why 9gag is much better than FML. People get jokes unlike on here where they take everything seriously. You guys must be fun at parties.