By AnonymousUser - 05/05/2012 00:01 - Australia - Brisbane

Today, feeling desperate, I asked my dad for advice on how to get a girl. He asked me why I want to even date. I panicked and said I just wanted to make someone happy. He told me that if I wanted to make someone happy, I should "just start by getting a goddamn vasectomy". FML
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Haha sounds like an even angrier Red Forman. D:

What?! Everyone's being so random. Including OPs dad. Who would be happy if he got a vasectomy??

Any miserable baby mothers out there, that's who

Woah. I have a feeling he's having trouble in his relationship as well and is taking it out on you. Talk to another nice adult ( they aren't all that mean) who has it all figured out.

It's just his way of saying "I accidentally got someone pregnant"

Guessing mom wants him to have one and he's takin the anger out on you. FYL OP

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tell him you're gay and see his reaction

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This whole FML reminds me of an earlier one about a dad who told his son about overpopulation and was disappointed his son wasn't gay. ... Some dads are real jerks.

I choose you Pikachu! Lol but yeah that is some pretty serious advice.

I'm looking forward to your next FML after you ask your mother.

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Looks like someone wasn't a planned kid lol..

Many unplanned kids are nonetheless wanted and loved. Sounds like OP's dad had a kid and didn't want one, or wasn't ready for one. F OP's L.

Your Dad sounds as if someone shoved a stick up his ass. Why not ask your Mom. She is a girl. She knows what we like obviously better than him.

His mum is a girl? Wow, really?! Sorry I had to...

No, obviously OP is a test tube baby. ._.