By Anonymous - 08/02/2017 08:00 - Korea, Republic of - Pyongtaek

Today, I broke it off with my mistress so that I could work on my marriage. Shortly after, my wife received an anonymous message, saying that I'd been unfaithful. FML
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Should've thought of that before cheating on your wife.

I feel really bad for your poor wife. F her life.

I kinda think it makes it through so everyone has a chance to tell op how shitty they are.

I bet a lot of people have cheated before and felt OP wasn't that bad since he was going to try and repair it. Sigh

"Many people have done it before" is not an excuse to betray somebody who loves and trusts you.

Protip: you can't get caught cheating if you don't cheat. Happy divorcing!

I feel like this belongs on that new meme of the guy pointing at his head

I feel like this belongs on that new meme of the guy pointing at his head

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Um. You're not expecting sympathy, right?

**** your wife's life. you're a scumbag full of dicks.

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He is a wheezing bag of dick ****.

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I'm actually thankful your mistress ratted you out. Your wife deserves to know what a POS she is married to.

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Yup! And I hope she gets every dime, the house and the car in the divorce. That guy is absolute scum.

OP said it was an anonymous message, although I wouldn't be surprised if it were the spurned mistress who sent the message to the wife,

Did you think that we would give you sympathy because you said you wanted to work on your marriage? As if you're a caring, devoted husband that is just so invested and concerned? I really hope you don't have children.