By verydepressed - 21/08/2013 07:18 - Russian Federation - Seversk

Today, I spent half-an-hour listening to my therapist telling me enthusiastically how people used to communicate telepathically before verbal languages were invented. FML
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You should have used telepathy to tell her she's an idiot. Alternately, standing up, saying "You're an idiot", and then walking out would get your point across even better.

turtlesarerad14 13

Sounds like he/she needs a therapist..


We can! Watch this: (somebody is going to ask to have their hand raised telepathically)

GwylaFelidae 7

*raises hand*

That's telekinesis. Though I guess if you're predicting that someone's about to confuse the two and ask for you to move their hand, that might be telepathy. Double-layer joke?

K410 18

Well we are communicating through energy waves right now accept this is called wifi not telepathy lol

I communicate through howling screeches

47- You are a banshee. not a human.

I'm raising my hand to slap you.

turtlesarerad14 13

Sounds like he/she needs a therapist..

Damian95 16

Yeah that's a really crazy theory. Seeing as telepathy is much more complex than verbal communication.

If telepathy was possible, I'd think it would be easier.

ariiewilliams 17

Or, he/she is taking something. They are pretty far from the norm...

I would think that if humans could use telepathy way back before they even learned how to communicate with words, then we would still be able to use it today. Maybe she/he was exaggerating the way our ancestors would interact through body language and movement. That is quite the exaggeration though, given the fact that there is a huge difference between body language and telepathy.

humans have evolved to not use some of the things we did way back in time. there's an organ we don't really need anymore that we did before but I forget what it is.

Is anyone telepathic? If so raise my hand

You're confusing telepathy with telekinesis. Telepathy: The bullshit "science" of reading minds Telekinesis: The bullshit "science" of moving objects with the mind See the difference?

That quote you tried to force-fit here, is about telekinetics not telepathy. D'oh.

That would be my bad. I must have telepathically inserted the wrong message into his head.

DocBastard, stop ruining my hopes and dreams. Next you're going to tell me I'll never bend the elements.

I think the word you're looking for is pseudoscience.

DKjazz 20

But bullshit has such a nice ring to it!

Well that's how we learn, thanks for the correction

The_Big_Boss 20

I'd have actually been interested in hearing how/why he/she thinks that

I actually think the therapist is confusing telepathy with reading body language so it wouldn't really be interesting

Me too. But I wouldn't be interested in paying for her cocktail party conversation.

You should have used telepathy to tell her she's an idiot. Alternately, standing up, saying "You're an idiot", and then walking out would get your point across even better.

as your telling her this make hand and facial gestures. that way if it doesn't go through youll just look like a silly mime...

Who's the more foolish? The fool, or the fool who pays the fool to be a fool?

Why is it a her?

Slooby - That was an assumption on my part. Trust me, men are equally capable of being dumbasses.

Why wouldn't is be a she? The gender doesn't really matter... @Slooby

"And for our next session... smoke signals".

then crop circles...

Don't forget UFO's.

Perhaps he/she figured that you needed a conversation like that, who knows?

Your therapist needs a therapist.

More like a psychiatrist.

Toss in a psychoanalyst.

I think your therapist is confused. You see, Professor Xavier is a fictional character in the Marvel universe.

I think she needs therapy.