By Beegee - United States - Denver
Today, I got a speeding ticket. I couldn't find my insurance card, and the cop was very nice. He said not to worry about it, that I "looked like someone who had insurance." I'm not sure how to take that. FML
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By  littlem91  |  29

It sounds like you don't look like a criminal.
If it was am insult, which I doubt, you kind of deserve it for speeding anyway. Speeding is bad. I never speed, never ever ever.

  jessBeAqueen  |  13

ugh your one of those! bet you take up the left lane too and wait at stops signs for the actaully correct amount of seconds. I speak for us with road rage when I say "GET OUT OF THE WAY YOU $#@&! BLEEP BLEEP!!!!"


You know most states have the insurance status reported to the state. This is so when you run the tag it will tell you if they have insurance. Chances are the officer already knew the vehicle had insurance...