By metalflower01 - 11/01/2012 16:31 - United States

Today, I had to cancel my wedding. On top of being upset about the break up, I was informed I owed a $900 cancellation fee for not using the venue. Single and broke. FML
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If it wasn't meant to be it wasn't meant to be. ..$900 seems like a fair price instead of putting up with an unhappy marriage/divorce, which seems like where this marriage would have gone.


Or she. I guess there was no specifications.

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You look like a cross between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez...

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^ You look like a cross between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez .

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Why can't I say that # 1 looks like A cross between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez ??

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Whoa I just read the comment policy..... I had no idea! Weird sorry FML team ( I'm not being sarcastic)

I'm a she, and I really don't plan on talking to him so I'm just going to pay it myself.

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So sorry OP! He obviously is a jackass, and this is better than getting married to him then having to get a divorce. =|

Awww HELL NAH 39 you better get that asshole to pay too!!!

Well at the very least, now you don't have to pay for the wedding. /:

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Metalflower you created an account for this fml?

Nope, but now I feel weird commenting on anyone else's... So i might make another one just for comments on other FMLs.

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I don't think it matters, but enjoy the single life. Instead of looking for "the one" you can let someone be "a(n) one"

Metalflower- may I ask why you two are splitting?

There was a realization that getting married was a great sounding idea, but when it came down to it... It wasn't a good idea anymore and he doesn't need to be in a relationship at all.

110 alas I understand my wife left me after seven days.

Send him the bill with a letter asking him to pay half. It was going to be his wedding too! You don't deserve to pay it all yourself! Not fair.

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I didn't know you could comment on your own FML

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Make the person who dumped you pay it. Take them to small claims court. They should have to pay it since they dumped you UNLESS you did something stupid to deserve it

Number 58 is right, my starting rates for divorce are $2500.

At least you didnt have to pay for the entire wedding then having to go through an expensive divorce. $900 is a lot but not as much as you would've had to pay. You should still send him half the bill too.

What? He is not gonna pay the fee? He left her, and she clearly said single and broke. But if it were me, I'd make him pay!

Ouch. That sucks OP. At least it's cheaper than a divorce though and not just in terms of money but trauma as well.

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This is the first time I've seen a OP actually talk to people commenting on FML. Well at least we get some questions answered to clarify the situation.

IA, you send the douche-bag half the bill! i'm so sorry to hear about the split OP, but you don't deserve to be paying the whole thing, especially as of how the split came about. that jacka$$ should pay it all imo.

at least you figured things out before it was too late

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2- I hope you get left at the altar later in your life you heartless f**k!! Fyl op, that's really sad :(

"And here, at comment block number two, we have an example of an ITG, or Internet Tough Guy. They are easy to spot as they say cruel things that they would never say to one's face in order to appear cool or, as the name implies, tough. Typically, however, they only end up making fools of themselves as they are very easy to bait."

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#24 - That's less fun, and there is a difference between a troll and an internet tough guy. The art of trolling is a lot more complex than just saying something mean.

Hey "TheFunnyzach", you think,this is funny? A person who ended her relationship before going to the altar and paying a cancelation fee? Do you feed on the suffering of people? You are an asshole, seriously. Never show your face here again, ass-wipe

29- Yes. plus your response is the type of humor that the FML community loves

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I had a comment moderated for an "insult" and I didn't even curse! The same thing better happen here! Or they'll just erase the comment thread because I said this. Let's see.

You all realize that fml isn't a sympathy website right? It's a comedy one, remember?

Yes, but it doesn't mean it's ok to be an ass to someone who is probably heartbroken.

It's both depending on whether you deserve it or not. FML is a website where you post the messed up things that happen in your life that are worth hearing about, it can be be any type of genre. Whether an individual responds appropriately to the situation determines what kind of response they will get from other people

I couldn't think of anything nice to say, and it's probably a fake post anyway, so I decided "**** it, I'll be a jerk".

15- Lol nice. 79- you get +1000 internets.

better than a shotgun wedding, but that's pretty bad... i'm sorry OP

Trust me op, all your problems can be solved with a large sign, standing in Time Square.

Well op, that really sucks and he's an asshole, you deserve better.

I ******* hate cancellation fees!!!:( Go enjoy life don't let it bring you least try :).

If the 900$ cancellation fee is making you broke, how were you going to pay for the rest of the weeding??

If it wasn't meant to be it wasn't meant to be. ..$900 seems like a fair price instead of putting up with an unhappy marriage/divorce, which seems like where this marriage would have gone.

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What are the repercussions for not paying the cancellation fee? I think that $900 is awfully steep.

This isn't a dating site bro, your allowed to put a shirt on. No one wants to see your man boobs.

He's also allowed to keep it off. Your comment isn't really needed; it is not a part of the thread or in topic. But as for repercussions I'm thinking that they'll send it to collections eventually.

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The venue can sue her, and if they win, the judge can put against her so that if she files taxes they can take them to satisfy the debt

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If they do sue wouldn't they have to prove damages or such? I think that 900 is wishful thinking.

No, it is in the contract that 75% is to be paid if the cancellation is 0-31 days from the time of the event. I would be taken to court.

That $900 fee is a killer. But imagine how much a divorce lawyer will run ya!

Sounds like you need to pawn some of the ex's things! :o

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And, when he sues you for the value of those things, which will be more than you got from the pawn shop, you'll be even deeper in the hole.

Well I guess you could say OP is broken hearted....

You could probably get your ex to pay for half of the cancellation fee. I hope everything else works out for you!