By anonymous - 25/03/2016 22:19 - United States - Manchester

Today, my boyfriend and I decided to have sex for the first time, the one day my period came early. He thought it was a sign from God and thinks we're going to hell. FML
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A reaction like that would suggest he is not ready to have sex.

Ah and the satanic waterfall strikes again.


A reaction like that would suggest he is not ready to have sex.

should have waited till you guys were married. Then you wouldn't have to worry about such misunderstandings.

He's just religious, what's wrong with that

It's okay just try to see if he wants to when you get off. ?

Ah and the satanic waterfall strikes again.

It sounds like you need to talk about sex more. Make sure you're both comfortable and 110% ready. He could have not been ready. He might have been nervous. Make sure to talk about it! Good luck OP!

It really sounds like he is not ready for sex. I'm sorry OP, not a great day for you.

God doesn't play a role in when you start your period.

Well, if you believe that God can make a virgin conceive, logic follows that He can begin and end a menstrual cycle whenever He pleases. However, if we're going with the Bible as a reference point, that doesn't seem like something He'd do to let a guy know he shouldn't fornicate with his girlfriend. Subtly isn't God's thing when it comes to letting people know He's displeased with their behavior. He's more into global floods, plagues, murder angels, and spontaneous death.

OOOLLLD TESTAMENT!! In the AD years, especially while Christ was alive, He would tell people, or give them signs or bad times to signify sin, or its reasons. Murder Angels and spontaneous death were reserved for people bad enough for God to destroy every living thing on earth, if it wasn't for Noah and his family bringing the animals and themselves on the ark. Trying not to let people have somewhat false information, although that is ironically and partially true ;)

Actually, 33, when I mentioned spontaneous death, I was referring to a New Testament story. Evidently God takes lying about donations to the church very seriously.

17 who gets to decide when it comes early?

Well, bloody hell that is unfortunate