I can't unsee it

By meikd423 - 10/09/2010 16:36 - France

Today, I walked in on my mom taking nude pictures of herself in the kitchen, with only a Santa hat on. FML
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ohhh my god!!! your lífe totally sucks!!!

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pics or it didn't happen. I KNOW THERE IS SOME SOMEWHERE

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I saw mama sexting santa clause!!!

haha your hot ... maybe... I dunno. haha but talk about AWKWARD?!

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I'd understand her room, but the KITCHEN? That's probably the most used room in the house!

well your mums a *****. what mother does that? yeah whatever loads probs do, but in the kitchen when her kids are home? right.. mm does she have a bedroom or is she some sick twisted mum? :)

I guess I shouldn't complain but wats with all the girls on fml lately?

whats with the dissapearence of guys? (: haha

or maybe no on was home when he started and op came home early. either way that's awesome!

she should at least have the decency to do it in the bedroom

She was taking those pictures for me. They're in the kitchen because immediately afterwards she was ordered to make me a sandwich.

tell her she got my email wrong and she needs to resend the photos.

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well it was time for a new pic to put on the Christmas postcards.

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you take nude pics with nothing on except for certain things OP!? you gotta be shittin me!

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it's September wdf! lmao. if you guys live in a windy city like Chicago or somthing then I'll understand. Bow-chicka-wow-wow! :)

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Um, Chicago or not, it STILL wouldn't make any sense. Does Christmas occur in September in windy cities? Here I thought it was always in December.

lol 59 don't worry, I was under that same impression...

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disturbing. and entirely out of season.