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By Anonymous - 13/01/2013 05:27 - Canada

Today, my husband suggested a way for us to "make some money" off our pregnancy. His great idea? Pregnancy porn. FML
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Your husband is an idiot. I mean seriously, "pregnancy ****"? What the **** is he thinking? Everyone knows its called preggo!


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1- No thanks, I have one already: it's the mother of my children. ;) But more than MILF, she's also my WILL: Woman I Love, to Love. Call me corny cause it is, but it's true. :P

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Technically, she's a M2BILF. Mother-to-be I'd Like to F.

66- And why is that, my first two kids don't count? ;) Edit: *Face palm's self* Or you could have been talking to #1's comment :p

perdix 29

#71, I, indeed, was addressing #1. Usually, I am diligent to start my replies with the comment number I'm addressing (a habit formed in the days when the exact placement of replies could be chaotic). Sorry for the confusion.

1- Technically she might not be a MILF yet.

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#60 that's awesome if more people felt that way there would be a lot less broken families

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My husband and I are bronies and he mentioned something about rule 34 applying to ponies. I wasn't worried until I saw your comment and decided to google it. FML.

WTF is bronies? It is not even in the dictionary.

strawberrywine22 30

Fans of My Little Pony. Technically its guys, hence bro-nies, but I refuse to refer to myself as a pegasister. To me that sounds like another name for a hippie.

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What is the fascination of adults obsessed with My Little Pony?

4chan liked them, so most people like it because it's "cool."

Sad. Very very sad. I once saw a grown man wearing a my little pony t-shirt, sucking a dummy, at a festival in the US. People like that give electronic music a sad reputation to people who don't listen to it.

#63- Same way that some fans will sexualize any other show that you not expect to. Kim Possible, Rugrats, Hello Kitty. (Note that I have not searched that out myself outside of seeing one KP adult image on deviantART.)

83: it's cool? 4chan outlawed them, and constantly makes fun of them. It's probably 9gag you're thinking of.

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That this the dumbest idea i have ever read about! Sorry OP.

strawberrywine22 30

If this is the dumbest idea you've heard must be new here!

I think a significant proportion of FMLs are the result of "the most stupid idea(s) ever heard"...

3- Dumbest idea ever? I seriously doubt that, I hear stupidity almost everyday, and this isn't really all that bad. :p It IS tasteless to suggest doing it, perhaps disrespectful, definitely desperate, and pathetically exploitive of Op.....but not Dumb per say, as people Would pay to see it.....unfortunately....:p

There's actually a lot of money to be made in niche ****, especially pregnancy ****.

Hi! Welcome to Planet Earth! If rampant stupidity, greed, or ignorance offend you, this is not the planet for you. Enjoy your stay, however brief it may end up being.

toughchick14 15

Well sorry if your definition of dumb is different from mine.

That's truly gross. I try not to judge sexual preference but my god.

Yeah, but I think that this particular preference would be scarring for the kid. I mean, it would be mentally and emotionally scarring to see your parents in **** but I think it would be much worse to see your mom was pregnant with YOU *shudder*

Are you all kidding? There's a huge market for pregnancy ****. Make a quick 25.00$. Buy a bag of diapers for the kid. Another vid, another 25, buy the kid some educational books. Kid wins, you get to have sex so you win, people get to see ****, they win. Everybody wins.

Your husband is an idiot. I mean seriously, "pregnancy ****"? What the **** is he thinking? Everyone knows its called preggo!

Preggo porno does have a nice ring to it.....

preggo porno sounds like a variety of pasta for some reason

strawberrywine22 30

#19: maybe because...oh I don't know...Prego pasta sauce?

You have now created a new sub genre. As I type, the industry is already at work coating pregnant women with pasta sauce.

Sounds like a horror story, Pregnant women with Red Sauce covering them.

Well at least the man is inventive and tries to make the best of the situation, a true entrepreneur. On a more serious note, I wouldn't watch that and besides for something like that it takes rwo to tango, you'd have to be cool with it. Talk to him how you feel about it.

Soo... What's the link to your site again? Just for class.

strawberrywine22 30

Oh you haven't seen it yet? Here:

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At least he thinks you're a sexy preggo.

That's probably the only silver lining to this besides making money.