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Today, I asked my mom why she decided to be a parent. She replied, in all seriousness, "Everyone else was doing it." FML
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Conforming to society... What a shame... -Fluffy McAss

There is going to lead. Jolie, Kardashians, Housewives of the whole country and all that crap that comes with that, combined with State and Federal support will lead to more child entertainment. My first serious FML comment,

Besides being depressed because of the society of the human race? Or are you trying to make it seem like I'm stupid? In that case, my problem is that you forgot is. -Fluffy McTiger I don't call people stupid that's just not right nor do I make fun of depression ether

Wolfie, I know. I'm not going to take it to heart either way, it's more of a sarcasm thing. Chill, get some catni... You're a wolf, never mind then. -Fluffy McTiger

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well that was a pretty stupid question op, ydi


Here kitty kitty!!lo and op I'm putting this on my favorites. lol sorry FYL

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Conforming in a "take that, bitch" way.

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lmao #79s right. there always has to be dear or darling in the sentence

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hahahahah well your mom isn't anything short of a **** hahaha

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Having sex doesn't make you a ****. Moron.

maybe she had sex with ger damn husband.

Would you rather her reason be that she had wild sex while drunk & accidentally got knocked-up?

Oh, don't worry. That secret will be out when OP asks who her daddy is and why he's never around to help them hunt for food. -Fluffy McTiger

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I am your father. But only more feminine and less male reproductive organs. Oh, what the hay. I lied, I'm not your father. I bet that felt good for the first couple of seconds though. -Fluffy McTiger

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I think I will have to do that.  Cubs are just so adorable these days, false hopes and all. -Fluffy McTiger

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at least she didn't say it was something she regrets or something like that. what a nice mom

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you should ask her "if everyone else was jumping off a bridge, would you do it too?" typical mom logic.

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just be glad you're alive and wasn't just busted out into a condom to die

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Dude? Why was that nessissary?