By anonymous - 06/11/2010 22:37 - Canada

Today, while cuddling with my boyfriend in the dark, he grabbed onto a fat roll and asked, "Is this your stomach or boob?" I didn't have the heart to tell him it was a back roll. FML
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Thank God you guys hang out in the dark. Multiple lumps like that would be mass confusion.

Stop leaning back so much, OP, or go on a diet. Either one.


Stop leaning back so much, OP, or go on a diet. Either one.

in the wise words of ollie williams "thegirlstofat" thanks ollie

I once made sweet, sweet love to a fat roll

You fatass. lucky your mans desperate enough to put up with all your adipose cuz you put out.

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I love BBW lol jk. Nobody likes them.

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Well, as long as she not one of those soulless gingers, she should be fine.

it pisses me off how girls hate being fat! get skinny bitch damn!

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Uh... Most girls are like 30% body fat. It's unhealthy to be below 15%. If you are a chick you should be able to 'pinch an inch' essentially everywhere on your body.

Katie, it depends on your muscle as well. there are a couple of people I know, who are fit and healthy and have 5-10% body fat

30% body fat healthy? is that what you tell yourself at night to deal with the fact that you are over weight. just bc america raised the bmi scale to try to lower the obesity numbers doesn't mean that it is healthy. Healthy women have a body fat percentage of 15% to 20% depending on the body type. 21% to 30% is over weight and 31% or more is obese. so instead of saying it is healthy to be over weight try losing some. also they have done a new study showing obesity making people dumber so i understand if you don't understand everything I have just said

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is this what you tell yourself to make you feel better

Just sayin', I've never known a "chubby" girl who did not have at least a little bit of back fat. I'm not saying to the point where she has back boobs, but chubby = theres some fat there. If the girl has no fat, then she's no longer chubby.

how does that work I never heard that about pinching that's interesting

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I wasn't going to comment on this but damn op do some cardio! that's just nit right! lol

Thank God you guys hang out in the dark. Multiple lumps like that would be mass confusion.

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you should have said neither and then licked his hand

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or grab it and say, "Is this your pinky or toe?"

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Why? Unless he needs to lose weight too, she's the only one with a problem here. Penis/breast size is up to genetics. Weight is up to the individual concerned. Obesity invariably leads to serious health, mental and social problems in addition to being aesthetically unpleasing to most.

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none cares its a good comeback get over it

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Just as long as #47 wasn't talking to #59!! :DDD

What's with people that hate people who are big?

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...weight can be genetic too...

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u live in Hilo? I live a kona lol

**** #4 they don't know what there talking about. Retard

says the hick holding a gun in his picture........

107, please do us all a favor, take that gun and blow your brains out. also, no one will show up at your funeral and may you burn in hell.

nah 156 I say he kills you with it because you are ugly.

I'm jp but don't be mean to him for expressing an opinion

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lmao....You beat me to it. Damn.

why are guys now taking bathroom pics like chicks.

192 Win! LOL I don't care if it's a girl or a guy - bathroom cellphone pics are the douchiest thing ever.

Um yeah because obesity isn't possibly cause by genetics at all.... rigtht

If you're talking about 133, he's holding a guitar...not a gun..

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hahaha well I hope you don't wear any extremely tight shirts because otherwise he might learn the truth!! and keep hanging out with him in the dark and I agree with number 1 know those dam rolls can kill him|:

Omg!! If that is really u in the pic.. Like u can talk.. Which fag takes a pic of themselves in the mirror on their phn.. Bahaha as if back rolls aren't more attractive..

I hear Special K is on sale at Wal-Mart.

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your parents must be so proud of you. they will probably take this pic and put it in your graduation announcements, assuming you will graduate. that's a stretch, considering how you are self-portraying.

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if it's illegal for me to have sex with her it should be illegal for her to have a photo like that.... just saying.. seriously 10/2/2011.. ;)

If i had a pair of boobs like that i'd never stop touching them

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shut the **** up 108. I was always told " smoke 'em if you got 'em." she just got 'em

what is with all the girls putting pictures of there boobs up?!?!?

Holy Hell 102, you make me want to vomit. Get a new top.

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164, you are such a quality guy. I bet you have girls lined around the corner to date you. I'm sure that girls like 102 will be the best you can get. enjoy the trailer park!!

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Lol aww that sucks. Tell him to suck it up. Maybe diet time?