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  katiemarie23  |  0

Uh... Most girls are like 30% body fat. It's unhealthy to be below 15%. If you are a chick you should be able to 'pinch an inch' essentially everywhere on your body.

  ComMed1  |  0

30% body fat healthy? is that what you tell yourself at night to deal with the fact that you are over weight. just bc america raised the bmi scale to try to lower the obesity numbers doesn't mean that it is healthy. Healthy women have a body fat percentage of 15% to 20% depending on the body type. 21% to 30% is over weight and 31% or more is obese. so instead of saying it is healthy to be over weight try losing some. also they have done a new study showing obesity making people dumber so i understand if you don't understand everything I have just said

  penguinazul  |  13

Just sayin', I've never known a "chubby" girl who did not have at least a little bit of back fat. I'm not saying to the point where she has back boobs, but chubby = theres some fat there. If the girl has no fat, then she's no longer chubby.

  Tadeusz_fml  |  5

Why? Unless he needs to lose weight too, she's the only one with a problem here.

Penis/breast size is up to genetics. Weight is up to the individual concerned. Obesity invariably leads to serious health, mental and social problems in addition to being aesthetically unpleasing to most.

By  guitarbabe  |  0

hahaha well I hope you don't wear any extremely tight shirts because otherwise he might learn the truth!! and keep hanging out with him in the dark and I agree with number 1

  leesh85k  |  0

Omg!! If that is really u in the pic..
Like u can talk.. Which fag takes a pic of themselves in the mirror on their phn.. Bahaha as if back rolls aren't more attractive..

  ladybugobgyn  |  0

your parents must be so proud of you. they will probably take this pic and put it in your graduation announcements, assuming you will graduate. that's a stretch, considering how you are self-portraying.

  ladybugobgyn  |  0

164, you are such a quality guy. I bet you have girls lined around the corner to date you. I'm sure that girls like 102 will be the best you can get. enjoy the trailer park!!