By KarlwithaK - 19/05/2009 03:29 - United States

Today, we were visiting my great-grandma, who has Alzheimer’s. We spent most of the day with her and she didn't know who we all were. Time came for us to leave so when I gave her a hug good-bye, she whispered into my ear, "You're my type." FML
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Well at least you are, in fact, somebody's type after all.


awww, when I saw this I thought a girl might have written it!

no, cougars cant be older than 50. she's a mellencamp.

Don't judge the Great-Granny. Great-Grannies have needs too!!..... (I guess?)

johnnythan 2

Well at least you are, in fact, somebody's type after all.

hahahahahahahaha, graaannddmaass aa freeeaak!!

if youre hot you cant help it even grandmas want some ass but if youre ugs then ... yeah

EvilCupcake8361 9

lol, hot grandma sex anyone?? ;)

GILF. I'd tap that. And think about it, if the sex was bad, she has Alzheimer's and won't remember it.

saggy momma sex. get the picture.. let me emphasize.. (((((SAGGY))))) is hard to do when the beef curtains are under so much skin. mind that le momma forgets dont smoke them cigarettes x3

Or she forgets who you are during sex and ends up accusing you of rape, if she remembers...

44skull44 6

G-ranny I-'d L-ike to F-*%k, but no i'd be REALLY creeped out

#9, your friggin hilarious! but yea, my granny has alzheimers, and she told me that she has never liked me that much and i was better before the sex change. I'm a girl... so yea....

Proudmary 2

well, genetically speaking, you SHOULD look a bit like your great-grandfather, who is totally her type.