By shit... - 05/07/2009 18:16 - United States

Today, I sent out my monthly curriculum list to the parents of the kids in my math class so they can see what their children will be learning. I usually end my e-mails with the phrase 'math is power'. Now, 154 parents got an e-mail saying 'meth is power'. FML
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well you deserved that one for using the phrase "math is power"

haha , parent teach conferences should be interesting


haha , parent teach conferences should be interesting

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dude its ur fault for not proof reading!

just send another email correcting your typo...

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ydi for ever sayin math is power and ydi for being a douche

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no, its his fault for living in georgia, where most of those parents will now thinks he deals meth

LMFAO you just made my ******* day!!!

Hahah! This is awesome

Hahahah, I did something similar to my math teacher, he had a name tag that said his name, and underneath it, it said "Math Expert" I changed the "Math" to "Meth" hahah.

haha it would have been funny if it said meth is powder.... wait, is meth powder? I really don't know...

Bro do you even watch breaking bad?

Lmfao, you just made my day!!

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It made my day more knowing that e and I are at opposite ends of the keyboard

175- Dafuq?

Breaking Bad.. all bad..

I ******* love you.

She is the most awesome math teacher evar. I agree with you dude.

lol, fail, but win at teh same time, :3

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You mean 'Meth Teacher'?

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You mean "he"?

well you deserved that one for using the phrase "math is power"

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Yeah, it sounds a bit gay. And also, how can you mix the A and the E? The S and W is in between them, unless you using a Dvorak keyboard, then I don't know.

I was just about to say the same thing. How can you mistype an 'a' with an 'e' they are pretty far apart.

What does meth mean?

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If you can ask that on the Internet, you can Google it and avoid looking stupid.

Hahaha that sounds like something a teacher would do at my school!

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maybe you should switch to english...

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haha i'm not sure english would be the best option either...

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Hey, it's true.

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yeah. meth is power. :D

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like they don't know what you meant?! I'm sure most are laughing at your mistake.

Um... The a key isn't near the e key, do I wonder what you were thinking when you typed that? Well technically, you aren't lying.

I don't know what kind of keyboard you're using but the A key is definitely near the E key. W and S are the only keys in between them.

That is not close to nearby =p.

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a and e is close enough to make a mistake when your typing really fast. Sometimes I make mistakes with the w and t keys.

you are a fxxking reward

YDI for having such a dumb phrase to begin with, but FYL for making a typo that bad.

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my thoughts exactly.