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Today, I sent out my monthly curriculum list to the parents of the kids in my math class so they can see what their children will be learning. I usually end my e-mails with the phrase 'math is power'. Now, 154 parents got an e-mail saying 'meth is power'. FML
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well you deserved that one for using the phrase "math is power"

haha , parent teach conferences should be interesting


haha , parent teach conferences should be interesting

dude its ur fault for not proof reading!

just send another email correcting your typo...

ydi for ever sayin math is power and ydi for being a douche

no, its his fault for living in georgia, where most of those parents will now thinks he deals meth

LMFAO you just made my fucking day!!!

Hahah! This is awesome

Hahahah, I did something similar to my math teacher, he had a name tag that said his name, and underneath it, it said "Math Expert" I changed the "Math" to "Meth" hahah.

haha it would have been funny if it said meth is powder.... wait, is meth powder? I really don't know...

Bro do you even watch breaking bad?

Lmfao, you just made my day!!

It made my day more knowing that e and I are at opposite ends of the keyboard

175- Dafuq?

Breaking Bad.. all bad..

I fucking love you.

She is the most awesome math teacher evar. I agree with you dude.

lol, fail, but win at teh same time, :3

You mean 'Meth Teacher'?

You mean "he"?

well you deserved that one for using the phrase "math is power"

Yeah, it sounds a bit gay. And also, how can you mix the A and the E? The S and W is in between them, unless you using a Dvorak keyboard, then I don't know.

I was just about to say the same thing. How can you mistype an 'a' with an 'e' they are pretty far apart.

What does meth mean?

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If you can ask that on the Internet, you can Google it and avoid looking stupid.

Hahaha that sounds like something a teacher would do at my school!

maybe you should switch to english...

haha i'm not sure english would be the best option either...

yeah. meth is power. :D

like they don't know what you meant?! I'm sure most are laughing at your mistake.

Um... The a key isn't near the e key, do I wonder what you were thinking when you typed that? Well technically, you aren't lying.

I don't know what kind of keyboard you're using but the A key is definitely near the E key. W and S are the only keys in between them.

That is not close to nearby =p.

a and e is close enough to make a mistake when your typing really fast. Sometimes I make mistakes with the w and t keys.

you are a fxxking reward

YDI for having such a dumb phrase to begin with, but FYL for making a typo that bad.

my thoughts exactly.