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Today, I was fired from my volunteer job. Why? Because they said I was working so hard and doing such a good job that I was making the real staff look bad. FML
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Okay so let me clarify some things that people are either stupid or confused about. I voluteered in an organization that has retirement homes all over the country, and helps seniors with limited means. I started volunteering, because it looks good on a resume and I was having a hard time getting a job. So I started volunteering at this retirement home, but I quickly grew to love it, and soon I was working hard because I truely enjoyed visiting with the seniors and delivering mail to them, among the other things I did there. Unknown to me, some of the residents started to complain about how I was nicer and more caring than most of the nurses. They didn't hire me because, I am not a nurse, and I don't have a college degree yet, so there was no position open for me. And the guy who "fired" me let me know why I was being let go, kinda in secret otherwise I doubt I would have been told why they let me go.

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Ya that'll send a great message to the staff. fire people for good work.

You should apply your skills to actually making money.


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That sucks.

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Did you know that things on TV can actually happen in real life? I know, this is a lot of information for you to take in...but; it can. OP-- That's...weird. But at least it was just volunteer work. You didn't get paid, so you didn't lose a money source. All you really lost is the feeling of self-accomplishment, I guess? They were really complimenting you. I hate to be one of those whiners complaining...but. This isn't really an FML. At all.

Did you know that people are so desperate that they'll lie to sound important even to complete strangers? I know it's a lot of information for you to take in...but, it can.

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YDI for volunteering, I sure as hell will not volunteer. Fuck all the other losers, such as women, homeless, etc. I'm worrying about my own damn self.

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i just know im gunna get haters for this, but for at least most of what you said i agree. SURVIVAL BITCH! alhtough i didn't click ydi...

Lol @ Blink182. Exactly how I feel.

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Oh, and I also wasn't aware that I was lying. Things on TV can't happen in real life? Hmmm. I want to live in your world.

xXmoses_rocksXx 0 are one selfish son of a bitch. OP- I am sorry that happened. but count this as a blessing because they OBVIOUSLY were just jealous that you were such a hardworker and just weren't appreciating what you did.

Wow really? thats pretty stupid of them. FYL

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yeah rly u think that they would employ him!!!!! and how do you get fired when you dont even technically work there????? since when do ppl stop you from doing good work for them for free!?!?!? YDI to the person who "fired" the OP!!!!!!

Look, Op is putting spin on this story. She is pissy about being fired from her volunteer job, she is just saying she was such a hard worker, when that probably wasn't why she was fired

big deal just get a part time job there and get paid for it

You should apply your skills to actually making money.

What kind of a response is that?! OP is firstly saying they don't have a degree yet and probably doesn't want to take any old crap job.

Holy ****, that's piss.

Motherfuckers be crazy, yo.

how does she deserve it for volunteering.. your dumb. maybe she was doing it for a good cause and actually wants to make a difference... unlike you do me a favor and shut up :)

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Some people like myself do volunteer work for our college resumes....I dida great job too since I needed to get a nice letter from these people at the end anyways.

#5 Fyl for being ignorant.. some people actually want to help people/animals out. it's called being thoughtful. not everything is about money.

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#5 your a dumb ass if u ever get in a car crash try saying that to the firefighter getting u out of the car. 1 in 3 firefighters are volunteer and alot of ppl would be ****** without them

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Fucking hell, old chap.


Now that's something to be ashamed to say. Is money everything you care about ? How about volontairing for a cause ? Because you actually want to help ?

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I guess you never went to highschool. Volunteering is forced sometimes....15 hours to get into National Honors Society at my highschool...and even more if you want to be "well rounded" and get into a good college when grades are not enough.

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ppl like you are why this world is going to hell #7 my dad would not be alive if it where not for volunteer firefighters so go **** yourself

Lol, why didn't they just hire you.

that's south dakota for ya

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Yea. It's so ******* boring here!