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Today, I took my first fare as a qualified taxi driver. The pride soon diminished as I was forced to listen to my passenger give a greatly detailed description of his recent colonoscopy. FML
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I think it would be cool to taxi around people from all over and hear their stories.


As if op is going to log on and tell you how it went...

I have a feeling that if she did, the comment might be a bit obscene and may get moderated...

At least your job will be interesting...

With that job, you'll never lose your fascination with the antics of the human race

30- Who are you talking to? OP or 1?

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24, when my FML was posted, I logged on and replied to questions/comments. It does happen.

I think it would be cool to taxi around people from all over and hear their stories.

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Yea, if not you can always just block the person out, nod your head, and say oh a huh, interesting.

My uncle was a cab driver in New York. When he comes to visit, he always tells us insane stories about his passengers. XD

ChefPhilly 13

You spelt Polkadot wrong. :)

raraisbang 12

54, perhaps it was intentional misspelling?

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True. As long as the stories are interesting.. Like office affairs and orgies and stuff... NO colonoscopy, diarrhea shit..

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It would be cool. The best part would be to turn the tables on the customers if they get annoying. Start telling them disgusting or boring stories.

It was an intentional misspelling. We called my crush in the 8th grade "polka dot" and while making a bracelet I ran out of "O's" and had to use a "U". Its been my username for all things ever since. Sorry if no one cared :P haha

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Thank you Captain Obvious. Lol

Good idea b30, I mean who would do such a thing, heh heh

I don't have a credit card or anything, I'm 17! :) thanks for your concern, but if a tech savvy person wants to take the time to hack my various accounts for gaming sites and social media, I will be flattered, but I can tell you, I'm quite boring and not worth the time :)

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Hope he doesn't get kidney stones...

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If this continues, OP'll have an FML to post everyday.

Well at least your first fare will be memorable

I think OP should still be proud because he helped out a person in need. Who wants to walk after a colonoscopy?

Could've been worse.. Like showing you the results

How far did you have to drive with this man? Sounds like you could tolerate it depending on what your fare is.

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You could have acted like it was arousing you. I bet that'd get him to stop talking real fast.

Sad fer you :( I mean, I would be grossed out too....

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Oh come on! You spelt "for" incorrect on purpose! "E" is no where near "O" on the keyboard!

Maybe in Singapore it's not the same keyboard. (:

Ew I'm so sorry you had to go through that

Are you talking to me?!?!? Better then listening to what a .44 magnum does to a women's ******. Must see taxi driver to appreciate this horrible joke.

Taxi driver: Something of a cult classic. Basic premise is that a veteran with PTSD or some form of dementia is a taxi driver after war. Hilarity ensues: if you're into film noir and whatnot .