By Ballhugger - Canada
  Today, I fell asleep with my hands down my pants. I woke up to an excruciating pain coming from my genitalea. It turns out that I was having nightmares and I squeezed my balls because I was so terrified. I popped 3 blood vessels in my scrotum and now walk with a limp. FML
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  caticaticati  |  3

Why is everyone so confused about his hand being down this pants? Either his hand was cold (your crotch is like, the warmest part of your body) or he was really tired while jacking off and fell asleep in the middle of it (I'm a chick and it happens to me, and it's happened to my boyfriend, it's not that weird, it happens when you're really effin' tired), or he jacked off and didn't move his hand right away and fell asleep.

OR he had and itch and didn't totally move his hand?
Orrr he's like me and occasionally just sticks his hands down there because it's comfy and warm.

  dvd175  |  5

i think "Somepartsareme" was trying to imply that the OP did not use the messed up phrase "Happy sacs" and instead used the word "Scrotum".....