By Ballhugger - 06/12/2009 20:42 - Canada

Today, I fell asleep with my hands down my pants. I woke up to an excruciating pain coming from my genitalea. It turns out that I was having nightmares and I squeezed my balls because I was so terrified. I popped 3 blood vessels in my scrotum and now walk with a limp. FML
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those nightmares must suck balls! heh heh

perdix 29

Whatever you do, don't go see "The Nutcracker!" You'll have another nightmare and completely crush your 'nads!


those nightmares must suck balls! heh heh

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why the hell did you have your hands in your pants

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This is painful to read. I usually wake up with my hands down my pants and a wet stain.

are you even human to need to ask why someone would have their hands down their pants?

u walk with a limp. cuz ur an old school PIMP

well i guess then that must be (puts on sunglasses) a pain in the balls

OP merely squeezed his walking stress balls! Those things follow him wherever he goes!

a bit extreme isnt it

Male genitalia, the new stress balls to squeeze.

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Oh...damn.... That's horrible... FYL

eeeeugghhhh gave me the shivers!!!!

Ouch, no sexy time for you, huh?

thats got to hurt but why did u go to sleep with ur hands in your pants.??!?!?!?!?!!

Yeah.. that! why?! are you so boring when you play with yourself that you fell asleep doing it? no wonder you don't get laid ;p

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Why is everyone so confused about his hand being down this pants? Either his hand was cold (your crotch is like, the warmest part of your body) or he was really tired while jacking off and fell asleep in the middle of it (I'm a chick and it happens to me, and it's happened to my boyfriend, it's not that weird, it happens when you're really effin' tired), or he jacked off and didn't move his hand right away and fell asleep. OR he had and itch and didn't totally move his hand? Orrr he's like me and occasionally just sticks his hands down there because it's comfy and warm.

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number38 can we be friends? :)

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Yeah I'm pretty sure I want to be friends with 38 as well =)

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Obivously he was jerkin off

perdix 29

Whatever you do, don't go see "The Nutcracker!" You'll have another nightmare and completely crush your 'nads!

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thats what he did grab, dumbass.

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i think "Somepartsareme" was trying to imply that the OP did not use the messed up phrase "Happy sacs" and instead used the word "Scrotum".....

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you are how old #7?

or your snow globes

ydi for being a filthy male