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Today, after thinking it over for 3 months and finally landing on the subject naturally, I was about to come out to my mom as bisexual when she said, "I have nothing against people who are gay, but people who are bisexual make me uncomfortable." FML
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Mom, I’m about to say something that is going to make you very uncomfortable.....

manb91uk 22

So... did you ask her how comfortable she was at that moment and then go “Well, I’m BI-III!!” Just to see what would happen?


You could always send her a video of you in a threesome with a man and a woman. It avoids the issue of the awkward lead up quite handily.

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I like it, straight to the point. Well, more bisexual to the point I guess..


Mom, I’m about to say something that is going to make you very uncomfortable.....

Maybe you ought to screw with her head and tell her you’re demisexual, and that you’re sorry, you’re not sorry.

That only works if the mother speaks fluent Tumblr.

manb91uk 22

So... did you ask her how comfortable she was at that moment and then go “Well, I’m BI-III!!” Just to see what would happen?

Then tell her you’re gay but you’re trying to “work on it”

Almost the exact same thing happened to me. I decided to tell my parents I was bisexual and unfortunately my mother made the same comment and "didn't get it" and would not accept it since I was dating a guy. My dad was supportive, fortunately. That was before Christmas, and now I think I should have kept it to myself but can't take it back now.

Why? Just why?! If they have no problem with gays, what's the matter with bis??

It's too confusing. If the OP has a girlfriend, is she also allowed to have a boyfriend at the same time? Or is that cheating? Can she have one of each simultaneously? It's very disconcerting to a heterosexual parent to figure these issues out?

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... why the hell do they care how many bfs/gfs she has?

just to comment this 2

Though some bi-sexuals are also polyamorous, not everyone is. As far as I know, most bi, like hetro or homosexuals, are monogamous, so no, being bi does not mean that the person will have both a girl1 and a boyfriend, but simply means it could be either. Not entirely the same, but the thought just popped up, being hetro does not mean you necessarily have a partner of the opposite sex (could be you were single) but just means you are only romantically interested in the opposite sex.

Out off all the sexualities and genders that should be the least of your worries...homoflexable might be the best term to’s very similar...

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I agree with your Mom and I’m Gay, No one can like a ****** and than take a dick up their butt, from life experience with people I have known, if you think you are Bi you are most likely Gay but still too afraid to admit it.

lololololol I assure you bi people (like me) can very well enjoy both of that happening. Also, if one is out as bi, it would be SO MUCH EASIER to be gay, cause everybody gets that. so no, I'm not gay and too afraid to admit that but fine with being out as bi and being told by people like you that I'm wrong about my own sexuality, what kind of bs logic it that. OP, you see, being bi is from now on until the end of your life a struggle against people who can't possibly wrap their heads around us liking it all equally. Get used to it. Tell your mum. And then go out and like whoever you like and do with them whatever you feel comfortable doing. It's going to get better when you gain confidence to just be you, no matter other people's assumptions.

What? This is also a very limited approach to sexual relationships.

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So you are HomoFlexible then? News to me but I still say you prefer one over the over.

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Nobody gives a shit what you say, you don't know them better than they know themselves even though you're arrogant enough to think so.

No I'm just bisexual. It actually saddens me to experience this kind of ignorance and condescendence from a gay man, who should probably know better about telling other people what their sexuality is and how they can feel or not feel. That your sexuality is limited to one set of genitals is just your thing. Mine isn't. OP's isn't. And since my sexuality does extend to romantic relationships, I do prefer certain people over the rest of them. And this person is the one I will be with and sleep with, you know. It's literally that easy. I certainly don't understand why anybody would reject another person based on their genitals, but I don't go around telling people they're probably just ignorant and afraid of what they might discover on the other side of their fictional preference, cause everybody is essentially bi-curious and we're just socialized to believe differently. No, I shut my mouth, do my thing and respect the decision of other people to express their sexuality however they see fit. You should try that some time, it's very liberating for yourself and it would actually be so nice to not be attacked by ANOTHER MEMBER OF THE LGBT SPECTRUM??!! WTF dude.

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I'm bisexual, and have been openly bi for years. I am dating my boyfriend, who's of the opposite sex than me, for a little over a year. Just because I may appear to be in a heterosexual relationship does not mean I am heterosexual. I am still attracted to men, women, anyone else. I'm not secretly lesbian because I know I would have no problems saying I am if I was. So no not all bi people are just transitioning to say that they are actually gay. There are simply people who are attracted to different sexes instead of just one sex.

Nope. There are bi people. I happen to know several, have known them for years, and I can assure you, they're happy like that. Fun fact: There's really no such thing as gay people and straight people. They're all just secretly in denial about their sexuality. Everyone's actually bi. There. That's you. That's what you sound like. ; )