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Today, it's the 16th day of my period. FML
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Wow I was really surprised to be published, it made my day a bit better. I held off on commenting until I knew more about my issue. I actually went to the doctor two days after this got published. The doctor said it had happened because I had missed like 3 pills(birth control) in one month. The period continued for 3 months with 2-4 day breaks in between. I'm glad to say it's back to normal and on a regular cycle. (I'm 15)

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Maybe it's time to go see a doctor?


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Oh god I can't even imagine how horrible that would be.

I can. Used to have the same problem. It's the reason I started using birth control pills at 13 years old. It was also bad enough that I had to change pads every hour or so. The horror!

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I had 2 periods in 2011 for 30+ days a piece. I went and saw the doctor and I found out I have PCOS. I've been on birth control and metformin ever since and my periods are semi regular now

I found out I was allergic to the depo provera shot because it gave me a period that lasted for 7 months. I nearly died. Make sure you're getting plenty of vitamins and nutrients, drink lots of water, and check your iron levels. Best of luck to you!

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Good god. FYL indeed. I hope you'll be ok after seeing the doctor...

Man, I'm the complete opposite. When I was 16, I didn't have my period for 9 months until I had to go to the doctor and she put me on birth control. Before then, I had irregular periods, so I had them every 3 - 4 months. My doctor never formally diagnosed me with PCOS.

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I got on birth control since my periods were irregular and heavy. Sometimes I had them 14 days apart from each other, other times 2 months apart. Now birth control is causing an about 16 day and counting period, like you op.

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My first period lasted 2 years straight. I had a billion and a half tests done and they never found the cause. They eventually just put me on birth control and that regulated it.

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Clearly not only fyl but f all the other women that also went through period horrors. I sympathise for all of you, makes me feel grateful I'm regular.

this seriously makes me want to go on birth control. i have heavy periods which caus my iron to go very low

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You should get one of those blood lamps. You would be set for life. 0.0

Oh my god. And here I complain about having 3 day periods every month. I can't imagine what you guys are going through.

for the first few years of my period it was 12 days on, 10 days off. I spent more time bleeding than not. of course, blood loss lead to severe tiredness which lead to me falling asleep at 3.30 the moment I got home from school and waking up at 8am the next day still on the lounge in my school uniform.

Yup, I'm in that terrible club, too. If I'm not on birth control, my periods are usually 3 weeks on/2 weeks off. I quit a job once after being on my period for 7 weeks. I went on depo at my son's first checkup after he was born, which then catapulted into me bleeding for 8 months. no fun

At least you got to sleep for 16 hours a night! That's one plus.

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Maybe it's time to go see a doctor?

It's way over time, 2 weeks and 2 days? Should of seen one like when she was on her 10th day.

It might not be a serious thing. When I had an IUD put in I bled for nearly 3 weeks straight for my first "period". If OP started a new birth control or really anything that affect hormones, that's probably why. If none of the above applies to you OP, I'd go to the doctor pronto!

I used to have 2 week+ periods every month. I went on the pill and live a much happier life now.

Good god, yes. Please. Go see a doctor. Hope you're okay.

OP I have to agree, go see your Dr. Even if it is a birth control issue. I had a 7 WEEK period once, turns out I had built up a tolerance to the Depo shot and it had warn off! My husband and I were lucky I didn't get pregnant as we were still in high school.

my very first period I had it for 4 weeks long. The amount of pain I had was unreal.

How insightful. How very insightful indeed.

Wait! He is speaking morse. He says, "S" How very intriguing!

Bloody hell, please stop making period jokes!

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what did one lesbian vampire say to the other? see you on your next period.

it's see you next month not next period..

That must be bloody hell. But wait... are you sure it's your period, and not something else bleeding?

I've had one last for 25 days. It SUCKED!!!!

The only times I've had periods last that long was with my miscarriages. I really hope that's not OP's case.

133 - no you're cute. Comments #65 and 111 both had longer :) (7 months and 2 years, respectively)

133- So I had 2 miscarriages causing me to bleed for two months and that makes me cute because yours lasted longer? Well, I have to say you're a bitch for not considering how these types of things affect other people and thinking you're superior because your ****** bled for 3 months. Just because yours lasted longer doesn't make our experiences any less than yours. Don't talk with your mouth full of shit.

You sound like a guy would if men have periods "Mine is longer than yours!"

I was on a bad birth control pill, could swear they were Plan B pills, they made me get my period every other week last month. I was starting on my third week period when I stopped taking them, once I did that the bleeding stopped. Now this month I'm just waiting for my regular period to come back. I know how you're feeling OP, mine was an easy fix but I hope you went to the doctors. To those who are making a joke out of this and those saying OP deserves it, you guys should go read a book, one on the human body.

I've had a period last for 4 months and 13 days; I tried birth control but it messed with my emotions too much (depression and suicidal thoughts). I go months without periods and then months with periods. It's so annoying.

You should probably go to the ER. Like yesterday.

Irregular periods are actually very common and a non emergency visit to a gyno is actually a better option